Joining Together.

Well, a very soggy and damp hello to you all today. Bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me today eh? Little J is off school poorly (temperature of 39.3 yesterday!) so I have an extra, enforced day at home and thought I would put it to good use by writing a post, especially as I missed my usual weekend post this week. The truth is there hasn’t been a lot of news here of the crafting variety, or the general news variety. We have all had our heads down working away on the mundane daily stuff. There is a light at the end of the tunnel now though as this is the last week of school before half term. Its also exciting and busy this week as tomorrow is Little J’s birthday – fingers crossed he’s feeling much better for it, poor thing. To be fair he does seem brighter so far today. We are also looking forward to getting together with some of the family at half term and having a few days out.

On with the main purpose of the post… joining together. Joining crochet squares to be more precise.

Over the summer I looked for inspiration on how to finish my Cottage Garden CAL and researched different ways of joining crochet blocks together. I started at Pinterest, looking for crochet sampler blankets to see how others had joined and arranged theirs, what colours they had used and the different effects that could be achieved. I found this lovely board with lots of good examples to look at, thought you might like to see should you be attempting to complete your blanket too or just out of general interest.

The problem I found was there was a lot of information about joining granny square blocks but not so much about joining blocks that aren’t specifically granny squares. But amongst many other pages, I found a very comprehensive one that gave me lots of links to new and different methods of joining that I had not tried. Methods that go beyond the usual sewing or using single crochet to join blocks. Have a look at Knot your Nana’s Crochet for the post in question.

With such a choice of joining methods I though I better try a few out, having completed the edging of all the blocks. And here they are….

Apologies for the variation in lighting in the pictures… rubbish light today.

The problem we have with these blocks is that they are not all exactly the same size, there is a variation in the number of stitches along the side which can cause problems with your joining pattern. Once or twice I got to the end of one block and was only three quarters of the way along the side of the other block! What to do about this problem??! I have to be honest and say that I frogged some of it and adjusted my spacing on the larger block, missed more stitches than on the smaller block so that I reached the corners of both at the same time. Shall we call it easing it to fit?? I’m sure that is not the correct way to do things but it looks ok -ish??? If anyone has any ideas about this I would love to hear them. All suggestions welcome.

If you look at the picture of the Zig Zag join in the light green yarn, you will be able to see that the spaces on the right hand block on the lower half of the join are slightly wider than on the upper half of the join – where I realised halfway along they would not meet at the corner because the right hand block is bigger.

Out of these four methods that I tested, I think I prefer the Zig Zag join best as it allows for this easing to fit without too much trouble. Its also nice and simple. The granny join is better for granny squares I think. Flat braid is pretty but I think I want something less fancy for in between all of my rather fancy blocks. I like it in the lighter yarn but I want the join to recede and the blocks to stand out so I think I will use the darker yarn.

Well those are my thoughts on it so far… I might change my mind yet! Perhaps I will invent my own joining technique!

26 thoughts on “Joining Together.

  1. I hope Little J feels better. It is terrible to be sick on your birthday, so hopefully he’ll still have a good day.

    I agree about the joining. While I’m not there yet, the squares so far have different number of stitches and it seems like it will be complicated. All the joins you have look nice, and my favorite one is the light zig-zag join.

  2. When I edged my blocks I used the same number of dcs on each side. I chose 29 as that seemed to be the one that would most often come naturally (plus I did dc, 2ch dc in each of the corners.) Then I worked out how to space increases (2dc into 1) or decreases (2dctog) out depending on the number of stitches on any particular blocks and wrote out a table to refer to. So for instance if the original block had 28 dcs on the edge. I would write something like 14 v 13 where the ‘v’s represented working 2dcs into one. But for 26 on a side it would be 6 v 5 v 6 v 6 or similar. With blocks worked in rows I worked out a way of counting the number of spaces to work into and then used the appropriate entry on the table.

    The above gives 33 spaces to work into per side and so this means that in working the flat braid method, I get 16 3ch loops each side plus one in each of the corners.

    Hope this isn’t too hard to understand.

  3. I like your dark green ziggy zaggy the best. But whichever one you plump for, I’m really impressed by your thoroughness in researching all the joining possibilities. I have a feeling that, when I’ve made the required number of squares for something bigger than a lap rug, I’ll be stitching mine together chop chop with mattress stitch. 😉

    • Having posted that this morning, I have been pondering about it all afternoon, and am now wondering whether to just go for good old single crochet joins anyway…. Or maybe a combination of methods….. Or…. the world is (as Little J says) my clobster!!

  4. Wow, yes, you are thorough! Not sure why but it never occurred to me there would be different ways to join blocks. It makes it much less of a chore I think, to do a bit of research and find a method you actually like! I do like the zig zag ones.
    Hope Little J feels at least a bit better tomorrow, poor thing. And hope that if he doesn’t get a birthday tomorrow he has an extra lovely one when he does.

    • It’s useful to know. Different joins create different effects so some are better than others depending on the blocks you are joining. We are celebrating properly at the weekend so he won’t miss out.

  5. They all look very good :), I’m having the worst time trying to make the right choice, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve started and then unpicked. Hope little one is feeling better and enjoys his birthday 🙂

  6. Have you decided yet? If not: Light zig zag, I’d say.
    Thank you for figuring this out! I thought about the very same thing today and your research really helps a lot. Still, I’ll go over to Nana, hoping for Hexagon joinging solutions over there for yet another project …

    • Nope, still not decided. Actually still testing out joins and pondering, so there will be another post to come on this subject. Glad it’s useful to you though.

  7. I like the first one and the third one, to me it will highlight the squares better 🙂 but of course if you invent your own joining it would be really unique…

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