Work in Progress…

Hello Dear Ones, how are you all?? I’m hoping that the sun is shining on you. Here it is not. Here it is distinctly autumnal, grey, dark and drizzly today. Not a good photograph day. Colder too – I lit the fire for the first time two nights ago so it’s official now – it is Autumn.

Boys are off to karate as normal this morning and I have an urge to stay indoors and spend the day in the kitchen, baking maybe. Although sewing would be very nice but also unlikely. Mr P and I are having a rare evening out tonight.

It’s been a busy week at work and school. Quite tiring at times too. There has been the odd night where I haven’t even picked up my crochet hook so there isn’t much news on the craft front. A friend posted an amusing crochet challenge on Facebook for me and I might have to start that right away but for now I shall just share my WIPs.

At the top of this post you can see my blanket blocks without their darker green edging and there are two rows that still require edging. Hopefully they will be done by early next week and I can turn my thoughts to joining. Still not quite sure which method to use so I might do some trial pieces first.

I started the bookmarks sometime ago and, as usual, I haven’t managed to get back to the sewing machine to finish them. So frustrating. There are soooo many things I would like to do but how do I fit them in?? It’s a constant challenge. Ideas and advice on that one is always welcome! What are you up to? What are your WIP’s???


8 thoughts on “Work in Progress…

    • Sounds like you have had a lovely week… Hope you got as many cuddles as possible! My blocks are still all over the bedroom floor! They will be getting all dusty!

  1. Loving the blocks, I’ve just finished my blocks and now looking at edging and then putting together, but I think that might have to wait until after the Christmas rush of making lol Hope you enjoyed your evening out. Enjoy your week. Sam x

    • Oh well done. I only edged mine because I wanted a distinct square pattern to my blanket. It depends on your colours and the effect you want to achieve. You could skip the edging part altogether if you wanted to. A lot of my squares were green and I didn’t want them to just fade into a green background, hence the edging in darker green to make them stand out.

  2. I think they look stunning with the dark green edging, and of course I’m wracked with envy because I still haven’t started square #15. I think your bookmarks are really gorgeous, there’s something very unique about the look of your little houses. And as for coping with too many things to do…Rachel mentioned something the other day about casting a spell to make the days longer … I really should look it up in my Big Book of Witchiness 🙂

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