A Sunny Day Out

Hello Dear Friends, hope you are all well and flourishing?

Not much crochet/sewing news here – I am currently edging my Cottage Garden CAL blocks in preparation for joining them. Mr P is away all weekend doing scout leader training so I am on full speed small boy entertainer mode.

In an attempt to banish the term time grumps that we were all suffering a couple of weekends ago, we decided to have an outing and Big J requested YSP. I have mentioned it before. I can take photos of the sculptures but I can’t publish them on the blog, sadly. In no way can the above subjects be considered sculptures…. they never stay still! It was a gorgeous day and we were successful in banishing the grumps – yay! Need to plan ahead for the next lot of grumps.

How do you banish the grumps???


7 thoughts on “A Sunny Day Out

    • When I looked, I only had half a Big J but its sorted itself out now… WordPress gremlin! Can’t take credit for the layout… That was WordPress too…. i’nt it clever!?

    • Adjusting back to coping with term time stresses and tiredness was the cause. Think we have made that adjustment now, phew! We did try those ideas but our extreme and stubborn grumps just kept coming back…. The only solution I have found so far is to get out of the house for a decent amount of the day.

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