Blackberry Cowl… Done

Hello Dear Friends, how are you? As you can see things are looking a bit different here. You will have to bear with me while I get used to this new theme!

A bit of a delayed blog post today because I didn’t want to post until this was complete. And it is.

The Blackberry Cowl.

The Blackberry Cowl.

I followed the pattern and chained the required 211 at the start, but my cowl seems to have come out a bit shorter than I would have preferred. The one on the picture looks longer. Bit disappointing but I’m not going to frog it all now. I also had yarn left after completing the required 37 rows so I decided to continue until my yarn ran out, which makes it wider than the pattern too. I figure that it will be good for pulling up to keep my nose warm – especially when I am on the back of Mr P’s motorbike. In fact I think a cowl is most necessary for that in winter… just a bit draughty!

blackberry pie and cream anyone???

blackberry pie and cream anyone???

I can feel more of these coming on. A perfect handmade present. Perhaps a yarn shop trip is required?…. I’ll be sure to remember to take some photos this time 😉

on a different model!

on a different model!

Now I am going to go and have a sort through all the numerous scarves I have and send the one’s I don’t wear to the charity shop…. because its much nicer having things made by yourself 😀


29 thoughts on “Blackberry Cowl… Done

  1. Well, it’s freezing here this morning, so I don’t think you’ll be waiting too long to wear it! Looks lovely though, and works so well with the colours. I always love the look of variegated yarn but sometimes I think it needs the right pattern to work – and I think this is definitely a right pattern! Not too complicated with the stitches, so shows the yarn off really well. Lovely colours.

    • I think I was looking for a fairly simple pattern to let the colours provide the interest. The treble rows are almost lost in there as it is! I’m planning to wear it tomorrow when I get a lift to work on the motorbike.

  2. Love it! Great colours and fab models (one of them looked very similar to mine – do you think they could be sisters?) I’d recommend monsoon yarn (James C Brett) as a very good self striper. Look forward to seeing more of these flying off your hook!

  3. that’s gorgeous!

    also, i never thought of charity shopping all my scarves (doh) – i just stopped knitting when i ran out of space. great idea, because i think scarf season is upon us!

    • Mmmmm, wore it today and did not want to take it off. Think I might need a selection in a range of colours to go with whatever I am wearing 😉

  4. This is so beautiful! Remind me of Finnish blueberries – just those colours like the berries are outside and inside. Thank you for inspiration – I wan’t to make this, too! x Teje

    • Thank you. I’ve been looking for yarn to make another and not found anything I like in our local yarn shops. I’m thinking now I might get the same yarn but in one of the other, equally lovely, colour ways.

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