Gone to pot???

Hello you WR’s (Wonderful Readers of course). How’s it all going in your corner of the world??? I have an extremely rare, tiny bit of school holiday-child free time because both boys have gone to play at a friends house…… and breathe….. so I thought I would come and talk to you all.

Do you remember me mentioning that we did a lovely activity while we were away that none of us had done before? And that even Mr P had enjoyed it and got very carried away with himself? He did. He really allowed his creative juices to flow… a side of him that I rarely see. It was exactly the right of activity for Little J because he is all about creativity just now. He’s constantly making something, or thinking of making something, or asking me to help him, or telling me about what he wants to make… drives me potty! Big J is creative occasionally, he prefers all things computerised. But it was a truly lovely afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves and, I think, surprised themselves too.

Well today I bring pictures of the outcome of our efforts. We went here to avoid the rain and I really would recommend them. Run by lovely people who were patient and extremely helpful and even managed to get our things finished for us so we could collect them before we came home. I really wish I lived closer because I would love to do some of their workshops. Anyway…. the pictures….

Big J and Little J’s handiwork. That Pokemon is Oshawott (apparently) and Pikachu is on the other side. LJ decided to be different and do a dragon. Pretty much all their own work – only a tiny bit of help was given to either of them. Very impressed by them both.

Mr P’s masterpiece. He included all the main elements of the week – the tent, a duck, a sheep, Hadrian’s Wall and a Daddy Long Legs to find at the bottom of your tea. Underneath he wrote “BOO” but forgot he is left handed so when he holds it up it actually says “OOB” 😀 That has caused much amusement!

And my effort. I really enjoyed doing this although I was aware that I couldn’t let myself get as carried awe as I would like to because I was going to have to help the boys a bit. So I did scale-down and simplify my plans.

We were all so impressed and pleased when we collected our pots and had a ceremonial unwrapping back at the campsite. Mugs had to be christened straight away and filled with tea/hot chocolate. Grandma P was very impressed too and is keen to have a try herself. We have a local paint a pot place and are thinking we might visit at Christmas to paint some tree decorations. Grandma is keen to join us.

If any of you have ever fancied trying your hand at painting pots I would definitely encourage you. Go on. Seek a place out that does it and have a go. You won’t regret it.


7 thoughts on “Gone to pot???

  1. wonderful work, guys! your flowers are so sweet 🙂 I’ve done it before myself, have quite a few things in the kitchen from past endeavours. My favourite of course is OOB. that is totally brilliant.

    • I’m still giggling about it. LJ is already planning what he’s painting next…. sounded like a teapot in the shape of a dinosaur…. Not sure they have those (phew!)

  2. Great fun and fab designs! I think I’m a bit like Little J. Now I know how my OH feels 😉 It’s lovely that LJ wants to be creative. I bet he gets lost in his own little world.

    • It is lovely and I am so glad he is creative. He totally gets lost in his own little world and he is also quite serious and assertive about it at times. Today he has been planning a birthday party for his teddy. He’s wrapped presents, written cards, made me blow up balloons, made Mr P put up the happy birthday banner we always get out for birthdays. I have a feeling we will be making cake tomorrow!

    • We had a few Daddy Long Legs in the tent. They didn’t bother us but the boys didn’t like them and Mr P was driven potty by the boys asking him to remove them so its fitting for him to have one at the bottom of his tea!

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