Holiday Update

Hello Wonderful Readers, how are you all?? I am going to make this quick because I know not all of you are so interested in these posts. I know some of you are thinking “come on, get on with the crochet/sewing” (delete as appropriate). If that is you then please bear with me while I get holiday photos out my system. Normal crafty service will be resumed shortly.

Our first excursion was to Newcastle. We decided to dodge the showers (which later did not materialise) with the semi-indoor activity of visiting the Castle Keep.

Our next excursion was to Birdoswald Roman Fort. The reason we went to Northumberland was because Big J, who enjoys History, requested it. He wanted to explore Hadrian’s Wall. Little J was signed up for Roman Soldier school too but later refused to go (he was a bit scared of the Centurion) which is why Mr P had to do it instead.

Excursion Number Three – more Roman-ness. This time Chesters Fort, an archeological activity and soldier success.

Excursion Number Four – another day trying to dodge the heavy showers (which again did not materialise) and all Romaned out now. A very enjoyable activity which none of us had done before. Even Mr P enjoyed it, but more about it later.

Excursion Number Five – Kielder Castle Forest Park.

Excursion Number Six – dodging the heavy showers again, this time they did materialise… but only when we were indoors (HA! Fooled you British Weather!)!

We even managed to get the tent down before the heavens opened Patch Family 2: British Weather 0 😀

All in all, a very enjoyable week was had by everyone. Only two and a half weeks till term starts now.


8 thoughts on “Holiday Update

  1. I do love these posts! I’ve never been abroad, but these pictures are reminding me once again why I want to and why England is near the top of the list. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Our campsite had lots of European visitors. The boys had fun trying to communicate with a little German girl they made friends with. She knew no English and they knew no German. It was so sweet and funny to watch.

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