Using up the leftovers…

Good Morning to you all Wonderful People. How are you all today? Well? Happy? I really do hope so.

The boys and I are still relaxing here. We have another trip down to the Library planned today to collect more stickers for our reading and to make creepy masks. Tomorrow we will not be relaxing so much but beginning the hard work of organising for our camping trip next week.

I thought we were about due a crochet blog post so here I am. You might remember I said I was going to make a cushion cover with the yarn leftover from the blanket. Having loved Little Woollie’s stripy blankets for along time and seeing Hannah start a CAL along similar lines I was desperate to join in but still working on Rachell’s 200 Blocks CAL at the time. Since I have now finished that (for the time being) I thought Hannah’s CAL would be a perfect pattern for a cushion cover with my leftovers.

Garden crochet.

Garden crochet.

As you can see its progressing well. I have added white into the mix to make the yarn go further. The sun was shining when I took these photos, honest! I think the tree was making it shady. Got a few ends to sew in there but I will do that later today…. must keep on top of them. I haven’t had any major problems with it really. Had a false start when I made it far too big. Lost the odd stitch here and there but thats easily corrected. Adapted the chevron pattern slightly because I didn’t like some of the decrease stitches showing through. The catharine wheel pattern is pulling in slightly, as is the star stitch but I think it will be fine once its blocked. Here’s a better picture for you…

Stripy Cushion Cover progress

Stripy Cushion Cover progress

Its probably big enough to cover one side of the cushion now. I was contemplating last night whether to continue the stripes on the back or do it all white. Think I shall go with the stripes but there will be no darker turquoise or orange as they have pretty much run out now…. shame, I really like that turquoise colour. I have to say I am very tempted to buy another whole “Lucy Pack” of stylecraft yarn, they are such lovely colours. Perhaps not yet… something different first. Variety is the spice of life.

Right, better get some chores done before our outing. What are you all up to today????

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