Crochet Time (aka Patchy Blanket update)

Hello Lovely Readers, how’s your Summer (Winter, if you are on the other side of the world) going? Torrential rain and thunderstorms here yesterday morning. In fact, its fair to say that the fantastic sunshine disappeared as soon as the holidays started!!

Well, desperately needing something to crochet because I had time and energy at last, I decided to return to the Patchy Blanket. Its been a very long holiday from it, I guess I was a tiny bit distracted by the CAL. But I’m FLYING along with it now. I attached another row of blocks the other day. I had more blocks ready for another row but have decided not to join them because it would make the dimensions wrong…. too long and narrow. Instead, yesterday, I did a bit of this…

Choosing colours for the edging.

Choosing colours for the edging.

Yes, I made plans for the edging. I couldn’t leave it without, it just looked unfinished. I also completed this…

The dreaded ends!

The dreaded ends!

… sewing in the ends. I have been careful to do much of it as I have gone along because potentially there could have been millions. But I still had plenty as I had them all for the row I had just joined. Those are the last few in the picture.

Ooooooooooo, its sooooooo exciting! So nearly done. Have ordered a few balls of yarn for the border and I’m hoping they will be here very soon (don’t let me down Wool Warehouse) and in the meantime I shall continue with the small amount I have left. (Postie, Postie don’t be slow. Be like Elvis. Go man go!!!…. Oooo, blast from the past there, sorry about that. Blame it on the excitement).

Today we are off to the Library to join the Summer Reading Challenge (my kids will do anything for a sticker and it’s reading… whats not to like?) and to maybe help them build a Creepy House (thats the reading challenge theme this year)… and perhaps have a play in the park…. and maybe even an ice cream???

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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