What’s going on???

Hello Dearest Reader People, how are you all today?? Did you wonder where I was? If I had disappeared into the interwebs??? Well, no, as you can see I am still here. That was just a brief intermission to allow for a bit of partying (again! What is going on??).

Last weekend Grandma and Grandad Patch were here to look after the boys while Mr P and I had a rare night away without them. We went to Manchester to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. Its been gorgeous weather so we had a wonderful journey over the hills to get there. A bit of present buying and some yummy chinese food for tea, then checked into our hotel to get ready for the party. Now what goes on at parties stays at parties, so we’ll just say a good time was had by all. It was especially good to see my friend because at the beginning of the week she had been involved in a truly nasty car accident but had been incredibly lucky and come away with just bruises and scratches. We had a nice catch up chat the day after the party in their garden in the sun.

Before we returned home we decided to make the most of the precious child-free time and indulged in a bit of grown up retail therapy. We checked out a few sales and Mr P bought himself a shirt. I then found some very colourful dresses I liked and had to buy two!!! I often can’t find anything I like so I figure I should buy things when I see them. I have no photos as yet but will endeavour to put that right very soon. They go well with the purple sandals!!!

It was Mr P’s birthday on Monday and BigLittleBro, who has recently purchased some garden furniture and a barbecue, decided he would invite us round for food so I persuaded Grandma and Grandad to stay for it. Very nice it was too.

Since then there has been school madness… sports day, parents evening, leavers concert, staff lunch….. plus two more children’s birthday parties as well as the usual swimming, karate, cubs and beavers. Phew!

BUT…. its all done with now and holidays are here. Thank goodness. I know Big J feels like I do (he’s not a lover of school) but Little J is very down in the dumps. He loves school, plus one of his teachers was leaving to go to another school next term, so he’s quite upset about it all. We had lots of tears last night about his teacher, bless him. I told him we should write a list of nice things to do in the holidays and this morning he has already started it 🙂

With all the madness and also the heat I have been quite worn out by the time I get to sit down in the evening. I have to confess I haven’t touched any yarn or picked up a crochet hook once this week. Shocking! Often I have nodded off in the chair and missed half of the film I have been watching, which is most unusual for me. But holidays are here now and I can put all that right again. There is a steadily growing list of things planned for this week already and a slightly slower growing one for the rest of the holidays. Top of the list was writing this post, next is having a good tidy up and clean of the house (which has also been neglected in the recent madness!), visit the library to join the summer reading challenge, a visit to the big town to get the boys measured for suits for a summer wedding. In between this I will be entertaining small boys, cooking and eating good food, and lots of crochet, reading and hopefully some sewing of course 😀

Right, better get to it. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

10 thoughts on “What’s going on???

  1. grief! i’m exhausted just from reading your post, will have to have myself a little lie-down now. Don’t know how you do it! Am looking forward to seeing the summer frocks. And that birthday pic is wonderful, love the shirt and the cake and the big smiles 🙂

    • Sometimes I’m not sure how I do it either. No wonder there was no energy left for crochet. It’s a good photo. He couldn’t blow out the candles for laughing!

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