Hello Wonderful Reader People, how are you all this fine weekend???

It’s still all go here. I have visited two different high schools this week with work, one of which I spent the whole day at…. I needed a nap when I got home that day!!! Yesterday we had the boys school Summer Fair and I face painted all the children in the village. Today we are catching up on our chores and then going down to the Duck/Sweetcorn Race this afternoon (remember this post?). Its a gloriously sunny and warm day so it will be busy.

As the title suggests, I have reached THE END!!! Yes the CAL is over, well the block making part of it anyway. Lots of work to do now to turn those blocks into a Cottage Garden Blanket. Here are my final blocks…

Fretwork is my favourite here but marigold is nice too. I have been feeling at a lose end since completing them. Not really wanting to start anything new because the days are long and full and my brain is worn out by the time I sit down in the evening. So last night I resorted back to sewing the Patchy Blanket squares together again. A bit boring, and not technically crochet but not mentally taxing in the least! When they are all joined I can get back to the crochet by doing the border. I am NOT allowed to start another blanket (although I am dying to do a stripy one and join Hannah’s CAL) until one of them is finished. Please remind me of this if you think my resolve is wavering 😉

Right, need to get back to the chores, but here is a special celebratory picture…

Gratuitous shot of last five blocks with purple sandals and toenails!

Gratuitous shot of last five blocks with purple sandals and toenails!

Enjoy the sunshine and whats left of your weekend folks!

15 thoughts on “Finished!!!!!!

  1. Wow! Finished plus toenails and sandals. What more could anyone want. I have been following it all with interest after Kate told me about what you did. Love the look of where you live and you sound really happy with your life. Kate Worrall’s Mum x

    • Hello Kate’s Mum! Thankyou for your kind comments. Moving here was definitely a good decision, think everyone is happier, even though Josh won’t quite admit it yet… He will one day!

    • Thank you. I now have decisions to make about joining colours. Might have to add in another colour, possibly a green, not sure yet though.

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