A Day Off….

Hello Wonderful People, how are you all?? You never tell me so I’m assuming you are fine 😉 I’m listening to Portishead live at Glastonbury while typing today (every year I wish I was there!).

Back to a normal Saturday this week, its Karate time. Was it only last weekend Mr P did his Iron Butt ride??? Seems like a lot longer ago, its been so busy. He did manage to get to Wick and back but sadly missed doing it in twenty-four hours by fifteen minutes. Never mind, at the last count he had raised £300 for the poppy appeal. Someone else missed the twenty-four hour mark by only three minutes… how annoying. Consequently he spent most of Sunday sleeping.

Its been a bit of a landmark week as far as work goes because my class have been on a residential trip to an outdoor activity centre for three days. Its quite close to home so fortunately I didn’t have to sleep over and I was there two days out of the three. It was brilliant. They all had a fantastic time, even the ones we were a bit concerned about. You really get to see another side of them in that situation. We have three weeks left of term, and now I have crossed that off my list, I only have one other major thing left on it which is a whole day trip to a local high school with the child I support and that is next Wednesday. Anyway… I’m waffling on… lets get down to business…

Because I had done whole days at the outdoor activity centre, having swapped with my other half at work, I got to have a day off. Yep. An extra whole day. So, as soon as the boys were deposited in school, I zoomed around doing a few chores, making phone calls, ordering t-shirts for sports day. By 10.30 I was done and I made coffee and disappeared upstairs for some of this…

DSCF3506and some of this…

DSCF3507Oh it felt so good. As soon as I’m done here I’m zooming back up those stairs 😀 In the top picture you can see Little J’s pencil case underway. I got so carried away with sewing it I forgot to add the buttons and embroidery before I sewed it up… again!! I am not going to unpick it so I will have to spend an evening this week very carefully doing it without catching the lining. Possible with the embroidery but the buttons might be a different matter.

The second picture is a bit of a teaser for something new that is underway now. Something with patchy houses involved as you can see.

In one of my trips downstairs to the ironing board to do a bit of pressing I noticed something and got VERY excited. Here it is…

DSCF3512… and then I noticed another…

DSCF3514My very first tomatoes ever 😀 I have never grown my own tomatoes before but I have very clear and fond memories of helping my Grandad in his greenhouse when I was a child. The smell brings it all flooding back to me. I only ended up growing these because BigLittleBro had too many and donated them to me, so thank you BigLittleBro. I’m hoping I have lots of green ones left to make Grandma’s green tomato chutney. I used to LOVE that stuff. Great between two pieces of bread or even straight out of the jar lol!!!

You might be noticing that there is no mention of crochet or CAL today. I am saving the crochet post for a day or two. I am currently halfway through my penultimate block and want to do the post when all are done so keep your eyes peeled for that soon. Although it might be delayed further by the exciting and busy weekend we have lined up. I am going to be out two nights in a row…. a VERY rare occurrence!

Right, off to make the most of the time I have and zoom upstairs to play with tiny bits of fabric 😀 Have a great weekend everyone x

6 thoughts on “A Day Off….

    • Tis quite amusing. He said he didn’t have an Iron Butt because of those fifteen minutes. I said that’s ok, you can’t pinch an Iron Butt 😉

  1. Aww, hope you had a lovely day! Looking forward to seeing what you made. Good work on the tomatoes too – and there are flowers there, so you should have more coming. I love growing tomatoes – actually anything edible. I’ve had 3 strawberries this year – might start a market stall 😉

    • This lovely weather is encouraging the tomatoes even more. I looked this morning and there are lots more tiny ones coming now. Have lost count lol! Still very exciting and pretty good for a girl with a reputation for being a plant murderer!!

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