How I got started (and a bit more CAL)

Hello you Wonderful People, hope you are having a very happy Saturday?

Its an unusual one here (again). Mr P is off on his motorbike doing a charity ride – 1000 miles in 24 hours, for the Poppy Appeal. He left early this morning and will be home sometime tomorrow morning. He’s going from Leeds all the way to Wick in Scotland and back again. Last I heard he was at Hamilton Services near Motherwell, but all being well he might be getting close to his destination by now.

Consequently I have been entertaining small boys which is why your post is slightly late today.

Earlier in the week I was considering the end of the CAL and what I could crochet when I had finished all the blocks (only 5 left now so I might be done by the end of next week!) and I was having a hunt about to see what yarn I had. In the bottom of one of my bags of yarn I found these…

Origins of my crochet addiction.

Origins of my crochet addiction.

Apologies for the dark picture, bit cloudy today. These are the crochet flowers which I bought from my friend Max at the school fair, made by her sister. thought I would share them with you. I love the colours and I especially like the one with the button centre, I think its a fantastic idea and have kept my eyes peeled for similar buttons but not found any. The flower is actually crocheted onto the button, through the holes. It reminded me of this post sooooo long ago (well it seems like it in my crochet life anyway!). I haven’t managed to create anything quite as nice as these, bit special they are. Too special to be languishing at the bottom of a bag of yarn. Now they are out I shall endeavour to find something to attach them to where they will be seen very often.

Here is this weeks CAL progress…

Begonia is nice and Willow is lovely. Only five more to go – wow! Right better be off with me to find these boys some tea.

Take care all of you xxx

(Todays blog was written with “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope” playing in the background!!)

5 thoughts on “How I got started (and a bit more CAL)

  1. You could make those flowers now with your eyes closed. Where are you going to put them, to be seen very often? A fellow crochet/market seller told me once that, although her husband likes what she makes and is happy to accompany her to markets and help, he won’t allow anything crocheted in his home. !!!

    • They have small safety pins on the back so I might use them like brooches. One or both might look good on my denim jacket. But definitely on clothes/bags so everyone can see them. Unusual for me because I am not a very flowery person ( like I am not a very pink person… All a bit too girly. But then sometimes…. Lol!). How awful to not be allowed anything crocheted in the house. Mr P puts up with me but if it all got out of hand I can imagine him saying ” no more”!!!!

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