Wool Warehouse to the rescue!

Hello Dear Friends, here I am, back again as promised. And look at this…

Severe yarn shortage!

Severe yarn shortage!

This was the dire situation at the beginning of the week. I should have included something to show scale on that photo, but those bundles of yarn are mostly as big as my thumb! Strange how there is more of the pink left (not). Well I got excited on Monday night because Deramores finally had the grape back in stock… but one of my other colours had gone out of stock… total frustration! A good blogging friend suggested Wool Warehouse as she had heard good reports about them, so I had a look. They had ALL my colours in stock – yippee! An order was sent straight away (9pm Monday night) and my yarn had arrived on Wednesday morning. Ta daaaaaa……

Wool Warehouse to the rescue!

Wool Warehouse to the rescue!

Phew! Super speedy. And they had sent a free gift of some knitters needles – the kind for sewing in ends. Think I have found my new favourite online yarn store.

So now the CAL can continue.

These blocks have not been given the sauna treatment this week as you can tell by the curly corners. If you look at the photo above you can see work in progress on block 177 too. Not so many left now, eeeekkkkk!!!!!

Am feeling a little worse for wear this morning as Mr P and I were out with friends last night – a rare occurrence (but more frequent since we moved house – something to do with the excellent and local live music scene I think) but very enjoyable. Little J woke us up at 5.30am with his Father’s Day card too!!!! Might have to have a nap this afternoon! Here’s hoping for a quiet, lazy and cosy Sunday afternoon!

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