3D Patches???

Hello Lovely Blog People, how are you all? Bit of a change to the normal routine here today. Mr P and Big J are off doing Cub and Beaver things all day so Little J and I went to Karate so no blogging for me this morning! But here I am now.

To make sure that you guys get at least one blog post a week I tend to have a few different posts written in draft and almost ready to post should I be especially busy. Well this is one of those posts. Not because I have been busy (I have) but because I haven’t done a sewing post for a while…. because I haven’t done any sewing for a while!!! Also the contents of this post have also been overtaken by similar things which I also want to post about so I need to get on with this one and get it published.

Have a look at this…


Bright colours, simple shapes, exactly my kind of book. Can you see the similarity between my patchy house and the authors style?? The more eagle-eyed amongst you might spot the slight covering of snow on the shed roof in the background… yep, thats how long ago this was taken! It may not be true summer weather here right now, but there’s definitely no snow, thank goodness!!! I haven’t had much opportunity to make anything from this book, or even read it properly with the madness which has been going on here, but one thing caught my eye straight away. Here it is…DSCF3070… a 3D patchy house. Have been wondering about doing a 3D version for a while and this might be the inspiration I need. I’m sure I could follow the basic instructions from the book and adapt them to personalise it into one of my patchy houses. What do you reckon? Watch this space folks.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be back very soon with yarn related things.

10 thoughts on “3D Patches???

  1. Hellooooo lovely!! The book looks fab! For a minute I thought your lovely houses had been featured in it!! You should make more of your houses they are really nice : )
    Have a fab weekend too! We’ve been to the seaside today it was really great xx

  2. I have this book too, it’s just so inspiring isn’t it. Infact I bought it because of the fabric house picture on the cover. I’m sure you’ll make a brilliant 3d patchy house.

  3. Nice! That book keeps popping up on Amazon actually and I keep looking at it. It’s just your style. You have to make a little 3D house, I think it would be very cute. Can’t believe i went to Sweden last week and didn’t get a chance to go anywhere crafty! Feel a bit better now I’ve seen this 🙂

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