Bang up to date… (but still a little behind!)

Hello Wonderful Readers. What a gorgeous Sunday morning. Hope it is where you are?

Its so lovely I have taken my CAL blocks outdoors today. This post will show you the most recent blocks I have made, including the one, hot off the hook, from last night. Pitiful amount of yarn left… come on Deramores, get that Grape colour in!!! I am a few blocks behind our great and wonderful leader but I only have twelve left to do – WOW! Not sure I really believed I would get here when I started! Just goes to show… babysteps works…. eventually.

As you can see I found the missing block 79… but it was lavender not green! Probably why I couldn’t see it the first time round. There’s my beautiful Anemone block too. I really like that one, very, very lovely.

You can see my lack of yarn in this last collection of blocks – limited colour palette! Here, I am quite pleased with Chocolate Box (nicer than in the book!) and Daisy Chain (despite the pink). I also think my mid-row joins are better on the Boxed Square one – counting stitches seemed to help. I think my Candy Stripe Bobbles looks more candy-like than the book too.

Do you think my blocks look nice and neat and square this week? Instead of my usual very light press with the iron I used Lucy’s method of pinning and streaming (by hovering). I think they look great. They are very nearly all the same size. Think my tension must be loose though because the seem to be coming out 16.5-17cm instead of the 15cm the books says and I am already using a smaller sized hook. No matter. Its great if they are all almost the same size.

Have just looked forward in the books and seen Interlocking Stripes and realised that there may not be enough yarn to do it as I need all the colours. I’m fed up with this now…. really need that Grape colour! I might have to have an enforced CAL holiday. Have checked all week and still nowhere has it, even Stylecraft themselves.

Ok, crochet waffle over now. Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend?

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