Here is the news… and a bit more CAL.

Hello you Amazing Reader People, how goes it with you??? We are home again and back in our usual weekend routine, so I’m here in the peace and quiet with my coffee at Karate time. Its a beautiful sunny purple sandal day and I am listening to Throwing Muses – University, one of my all time favourites.

Its been a very enjoyable half term week. There has been all of this…

The dresser is a recent acquisition from eBay and I am super pleased about it. We have been watching dressers for a while and they can go for a lot more than we got it for so… bargain! There seems to be a roaring trade in getting them like this then painting them, calling them “shabby chic” and reselling them for lots more money. We really need to decorate our kitchen and I had been contemplating fitted kitchens etc. Then I decided I had always wanted a dresser and it would be perfect in our old house with its beams and aga and much cheaper from eBay. Its in very good condition too.. better than most of my furniture!!!! When the kitchen gets decorated I will probably paint it. There is FAR too much bare wood in here right now plus it makes it all look rather dark. I want it light and fresh and clean. Watch this space though, it may take some time.

Most of the week has been at Grandma P’s, which has been very enjoyable. We have successfully managed to organise activities around the weather, doing swimming, shopping, cinema etc. on wet days and forest trails and beach and garden stuff when it was fine. There was also lots of yummy food too as normal at  Grandma P’s, don’t think Slimming World will be pleased with me this week… but I did enjoy it 😉

There has of course been crochet too. I am still running out of yarn and waiting for Deramores to get in some more of the grape colour. I have decided I definitely need to buy some more. I don’t want to frog any blocks until they are all done and I have decided on a layout for the final blanket. I might need one or two of the blocks I like less to even things up. Plus I need yarn for joining and edging/borders. The puzzle now is how much???

Block 100 is yuk, just too blue and pink, I really do not like that colour combination. My favourite here is 113, Wisteria. I started on 153 Candy Stripe Bobble last night so I have a few others finished but not yet photographed. They will be along soon.

I was considering joining options last night and having a surf around the web to look for different methods and for inspiration from other blankets made up of many different block designs. Interesting and curious. Might have to test some out first. In the meantime if I run out of yarn I shall work on the long neglected Patchy Blanket which still needs some joining and a border.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

8 thoughts on “Here is the news… and a bit more CAL.

  1. I too like your wisteria block best of the ones above. And I can sort of see what you mean about 100 though I am not sure why. Still as you say keep them till you have them all. You may feel differently when you see them together.

  2. I was just going to say exactly what Jane said – wait and see them IN CONTEXT. Glad you’re getting some purple sandal days. We are having triple sock and boot days here. Sadly, the heel on my favourite pair of grey boots has come loose, and I believe the only remedy is a new pair. And it’s Sunday – yay 🙂

    • Oh, feel your pain on the boot issue. My favourites almost made it until the purple sandal weather but not quite so I have been wearing some old and far less fabulous ones 😦

  3. I’m loving the new dresser, looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen 🙂 you all are so far ahead of me in the CAL, but it’s lovely to see what’s coming up next and to grab inspiration from you all. 🙂

    • The CAL is another one of those things that, if you keep doing it, a little bit at a time, you will get there eventually. Might have to view the kitchen like that too!!

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