Of Bobbles and Bows…

Hello Reader People, how are you all? Enjoying your weekend??

This post is coming to you from the Lake District as we are visiting Grandma Patch this week. Sadly the sun has gone in right now and I have my jumper and socks back on again, but it was another purple sandal day again this morning so here, just for Jill, is a picture of them…


Now back to the real reason for this post. Handmade things, like quilts and blankets, are often full of stories so I thought you might be interested in a little bit of story behind my CAL blanket….

On 2 May 2013, at 21:59, Patch wrote:

Have just completed block number 98 Old Vienna … Yay…. Am getting there!
However, there is going to be no block number 99.

I’m sorry but bows are just a step too far for me. It could only be worse if it was pink and had Pom poms too 😉

I could do it, but it would not be included in the blanket, so I see no point.

Plus I had to rebel at some point… It was inevitable!! Just a small rebellion… It’s over now.

Normal service will resume tomorrow with block 100.

On 2 May 2013, at 22:13, Rachell wrote:

No you have to do every block especially after my struggle with the first popcorn block which you and a few others said looked ‘odd’. Do it then send it to charity for a blanket project.

Not letting off hook Mrs Pink blog!!!!

On 2 May 2013, at 22:46, Patch wrote:

Can I do it and frog it??

On 2 May 2013, at 22:52, Rachell wrote:


Ok, so here is the offending article, just for you Rachell

99 Baby Bow

99 Baby Bow

Now excuse me while I run off to make vomity noises somewhere, then swiftly reach for the most hideous of blocks and start manicly/manically (I seem to have invented that one!) frogging ;D

Take care everyone.


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