More CAL…

Hello Lovely Blog Readers, how are you all? The sun is out and the sky is blue, its holidays this week, I am wearing my new purple patent sandals and the coffee is just made. Later today Mr P is off to collect a welsh dresser which we got on eBay yesterday. Soooo exciting! Things could not be much better really. Hope you are all feeling as good too.

Here I am with more CAL for you. I’m still having quandaries over whether to frog some blocks or maybe just buy four more balls of yarn. I looked yesterday and nowhere has all the colours I want in stock right now. I need to decide very soon though or I will have nothing to continue with!!!! Todays music for blogging to is The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar, lots of lovely, big guitariness.

Onwards we go with CAL blocks…

Terraces is my favourite and my best of this selection. Very pretty and quite textural and 3D-ish. Have to say it will be nice when its all finished because I am starting to get a bit fed up with using the same colours now! I like the stitch on Sequenced Stripes too – a nice change from all the boring stripy dc blocks and quite pretty.

Oh I forgot to mention…block 90… it gave me as much trouble as that very first block, Triangle Stripes, and kept coming out wonky. My own fault because I was being lazy and not counting stitches but I cracked it in the end, after about three attempts, and I still didn’t count the stitches 😉

Kingcup is perfect here for a Cottage Garden blanket.

Right thats it for today. The next CAL post is a very special one. Have a very fantastic weekend.

Speak soon Lovely Blog Readers


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