Fish? On a Ladder???

Hello again Lovely Blog People. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend? An extra long one here and lovely weather too, lucky us. More of that later though.

This is the final instalment about our recent Scottish boating adventures. After our stop-over in Northumberland and a quick visit to Mr P’s brother we set off on our leisurely trip to Inverness once more. This time we stopped briefly for lunch at Pitlochry which is a lovely place. It was at a convenient point in our journey to stop but we also had an ulterior motive for it too.

In his younger days Mr P’s Dad (lets call him Mr P Senior) worked as a civil engineer and one of his projects was to help design the Pitlochry Hydro-electric Dam and we thought it would be good to take the boys to see what Grandad made. So,on a warmer day than at Northumberlandia and after a yummy lunch in a local cafe, we set off exploring.

Pitlochry Hydro-electric Dam

Pitlochry Hydro-electric Dam

Mr P Senior specifically worked on one particular aspect of the dam which was the fish ladder. A fish ladder allows the salmon to travel upstream at breeding time without them getting stuck at the dam. You can read more about it here. We walked up the right hand side of the river through the trees then over the top dam to find the fish ladder.

Not sure if you can make it out from the pictures, but the fish start at the bottom in the river then travel gradually up the ladder, through a series of tunnels and pools along one side of the access road. They then go under the road, doubling back on themselves and travel along the other side of the road to reach the top of the dam and the water at the higher level.

The observation window allows you to see under the water to watch the fish swimming through the tunnels from pool to pool. Sadly we saw no fish, obviously not breeding season!

I think the boys enjoyed their visit to a little piece of family history and were suitably impressed too. It was of course beautiful Scottish scenery and a very pleasant walk. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

Hopefully I will be back soon with some CAL news, as this seems to have become a bit of a travel blog lately! I have been hooking away madly in an effort to catch up a bit again so I will post my progress soon.

Enjoy the sunshine people. xx

9 thoughts on “Fish? On a Ladder???

  1. Love the fish ladder story, even read through the wikipedia link 🙂 My only question – how on earth do the salmon know they have their very own ladder?

    • Lol? No idea. I guess they have a primeval urge to return to their spawning ground which is pretty strong so they just swim around until they find it maybe??? Or perhaps the first one to find it tweets it to all their mates using their iPhone??? One of those perhaps??? Seems to work though.

  2. That’s amazing! My uncle worked as an engineer on the Aswan Dam in the 50’s. He’s very old now and still tells stories of his days on the Nile. You really must go back to Pitlochry when the salmon are on their way up the ladder. They leap all the way up. When I saw your post title, I thought it might be about Pitlochry. Your boys would love it when the salmon are there. I wouldn’t mind the name of the cafe if you remember it. I’d definitely bear it in mind when I’m passing through in the summer. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday!

    • Think it was Cafe Biba? Or something like that. Can’t miss it it’s on the Main Street. A long low cottage type building painted bright red inside, I think. Much bigger than it appears on the outside. Mr P had pickled herring (yuk!) – don’t get that on many cafe menus!

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