The Lady of The North

Hello Dear Virtual and Real Readers, how are you all today???

Karate time here so all is quiet (well except for the Queens of the Stone Age playing loudly, but I don’t do total silence very often). I’m back to tell you about more of our recent adventures. Its a VERY long way to Inverness, by UK standards anyway. So on the way we took our time and enjoyed the journey with a couple of sight seeing trips and an overnight stop. The first of these was a visit to Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North.


The view from her forehead.

I have wanted to visit her for some time and this was the perfect chance for a quick trip. She has been created from a disused part of a surface coal mine. She is relatively new, work only started on her in 2010 so I think its fair to say she hasn’t quite settled in to her new home. You can read more about her here. Apparently she is not going to be a perfectly manicured park, but is going to be allowed to grow with nature, so it will be good to visit her again in different season in several years to see how she has changed. If I lived closer to her I think it would be somewhere to visit regularly.

It was a bright sunny day but the wind was freezing cold so we had our picnic (some yummy locally made rolls and cakes) in the car then went to explore. to We followed the paths to the top of her head and, boys being boys, we had to go and stand on one of her breasts!! Big J wanted to see if she had any bogies and pick her nose but fortunately we had to stick to the paths. By that time the wind had given me earache so we went back to the car to continue on our way to our stopover and a visit to see Mr P’s brother at his new home.

To Be Continued!


12 thoughts on “The Lady of The North

  1. This looks amazing! Love the boys wanting to stand on a breast…typical!! : ) We are going to Northumberland in August so may try to give this a visit if we are not too far away! Hope you are well? Jane xx

  2. Wow, what an odd place! I’d never heard of it, but it looks great. Will be interesting to see how it (she) changes over the years. And Queens of The Stone Age… Gotta love Josh Homme 😉

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