Catching up with the CAL

Hello dear friends, how is your day going?? Karate time so all quiet here. Can you believe another post from me so soon! I thought I had better get some more CAL pictures posted.

All these blocks were done a while ago because very little crochet has been done over the past three weeks because I have been working so much and just worn out in the evening. Now that things are getting back to normal I am hoping to get back to it again. No. 65 and 69 are my favourites here.

Hmm.. think 73 goods a jolly good blocking!! Might be pretty if it was blocked. There are a few more but I will put them in another post. I am actually up to No.80 Blocks and Shells, so I am a little bit behind again. Looks like some pretty ones coming up in the next few weeks, or perhaps I am just enjoying the colour combinations in the book – they are very different to the colours I’m using.

Right off to get on with a bit of sewing now. Stay tuned folks…..

18 thoughts on “Catching up with the CAL

  1. I would probably also like 65 and 69 best if I had to choose but they are all lovely. I think 71 and 74 would be next favorite. You are not much behind and some of the later ones are quicker to complete.

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    • I do give them a gentle press with the iron before I photograph them. It allows you to pull them into shape a bit. They were much wonkier at the beginning of the CAL, they have improved but not sure how!

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