My Daily Commute.

Hello you lovely people, how are you all?

I have a very sore throat but other than that I am GOOD. The madness and mayhem seems to be subsiding at last. Next week my opposite half is back at work and today I have an extra day off (some time in lieu from all my extra hours). And do you know what I am going to do with it?

Yep, thats right I am going to blog and sew and crochet. Hurrah! (The cleaning can wait – priorities, oh yes).

So here I go with number one on that list, a lovely blog post for you all. I had this one planned waaaaay back in September, thats when I took the photos. But its not looking much different yet so I figure I can still use them. In fact today it is rather grey and wet, so the pictures are much more pleasant.

My journey is somewhat zig-zaggy and up and down across the valley, not sure if the photos show it very well. Its a good walk, takes about half an hour, and the very steep bit really gets my heart going so must be doing me good. It’s quite enjoyable when I get into my stride but can be hard work if I’m feeling a bit worn out. Thankfully I have mostly seen the enjoyable side of it recently, which is a good thing as I have been doing it more than normal. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. I enjoyed looking through them and choosing which to use.

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12 thoughts on “My Daily Commute.

    • E.M. Forster? Do you mean terribly English?? (That was my best Queens English accent there, could you tell?). I guess it is. It’s definitely terribly Yorkshire (ey up!). I have more posts half prepared and waiting in the wings 😉

    • Oh there are plenty of hills! I make a point of enjoying the surroundings. After ten years of living in London and totally forgetting about the hills and real countryside it is sooooo good to be in it all the time.

  1. Wow, it looks so nice! Although it must be a bit less lovely in wet weather? (its been chucking it down today). I can imagine it must be a huge relief after living in London though. I really miss hills and green spaces 🙂

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