…..and breathe…

Well hello Blog people, how are we all today??? Enjoying the weekend?

Snow here overnight after a week of fog and drizzle – more like autumn than spring! Well huge apologies for not being here for a very long while, its been a bit mad. Fortunately my back seems totally better for now (still haven’t got a physio appointment!) so I can cope with all the madness. I intended to post many times but the world had other plans for me so it didn’t get done, but more of that later.


We had a lovely half term week meeting up with friends, chilling out, lots of crochet and a visit to Mr P’s Dad’s at the weekend (hence no post that week). LJ has become very creative recently. Always drawing, painting, making models, writing….


He spent ages painting the whole of the outside of this box. We also saw Grandma P briefly as she delivered another of her fantastic quilty creations to Biglittlebro. I’ll try to get pictures for you sometime.

I managed so much crochet during half term (I think I was addicted all over again). I got ahead of myself with the CAL and had to stop and work on the patchwork blanket instead. I still have a tiny bit of yarn left but I have enough blocks made to add two more strips to it. I think if I add anymore strips it might get too long and thin so I am going to join these blocks into strips, add the strips and then decided what to do next…. it may be border time…. Oooooo exciting! This is how it looked last time you saw it…


Sadly the crochet quickly stopped after half term as I discovered lots of missed calls from work on Monday morning to tell me my opposite half at work was off sick and could I cover. Quick change of plans and some childcare juggling and hey ho I’m full time all week.

But the madness did not stop there. Oh no. On Monday lunchtime at work we got THE call. Ofsted (Who? What?….Education Inspectors) were on their way and would be with us on Tuesday morning…. cue huge amounts of stress and nervousness with possibly a little panic thrown in and a couple of sleepless nights. We have been waiting for them for a while but you never know quite when they are going to appear. And it doesn’t matter how well prepared you are either, having someone watch you work and judge your abilities still strikes fear into your heart!!!

BUT it was all done and dusted by Wednesday afternoon. Our class got positive feedback from lesson observations and the Head and Deputy (who know the outcome of the whole inspection) are “very pleased” with the result. We have to wait for the Inspectors to write their formal report but we should know the outcome hopefully this week. PHEW! Needless to say Thursday and Friday were somewhat more relaxed at work as relief and exhaustion took over from stress and nerves.

My colleague was still off last week so another week of full time and she is going to be off this week too, so more cover for me. Pay day will be good. It’s also been good as it has helped me get to know people better and feel more like a part of the team.

Today is Mothers Day (Hi Mum! Love you XXX) and I have told the boys they have to cook my tea so I can get on here and update this blog and get a few posts prepared in advance of the oncoming madness.

Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend and thanks for being patient with me. You knew I hadn’t gone for good, didn’t you?


17 thoughts on “…..and breathe…

  1. Of course we knew you hadn’;t gone for good! Glad you’re getting crochet in, and also very glad your back has improved. Long may it last. Take it easy – hold the aerobics classes for a while longer.
    Great post, thank you 🙂

  2. I absolutely love that blanket and must try something similar once I have finished my granny squares.

    It is fun and colourful and just so artistic


    • Go for it. It’s very simple. I’d love to do more in other colour variations but I might have to do something else first…. Once I’ve finished the CAL of course!

  3. Helloooo long time no blogging! Your blanket reminds me of a Gustav Klimt painting and is lovely! Glad to hear you are well! Sometimes we just get busy and blogging seems like the last thing on our minds xx

    • I started it beginning of last year so it has taken a while, but mostly because I keep putting it down and not going back to it for a long time. I’m not keen on the sewing it up so that’s where I have got stuck. Otherwise it could have been finished months ago!!

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