More CAL Catch Up

Hello my friends, how are you all today?

I am pleased to report that things are looking up a bit in Patchland. Over the last few years I have found January/February quite difficult. Dark, grim, yucky weather and general depressiveness. This year has been no different. It seems a real struggle to get to the end of each week and its been made worse this year by my poorly back. Constant pain really changes your outlook on day to day life. But I think we are starting to turn that corner now. My back seems to be slowly improving (although I think I might have a bit of Sciatica now… just call me Old Lady Patch!), no doubt it will be all better by the time I get my Physio appointment!

The weather also seems to be improving, although I don’t want to say it too loudly. It may be sunny this morning but it could decide to snow tomorrow again. Last year we had really late snow that killed all the frogspawn in the pond. But I have been REALLY appreciating the sun while it is there and enjoying my walks to and from work, listening to the birds singing and spotting the snowdrops and primroses in peoples gardens. Its all giving me a tiny glimmer of hope that spring is coming and things are looking up – YAY!

Ok so the real reason I’m here, another installment of CAL blocks for you. Here we go…

Blocks 59 – 63

Block 64

Wow, look at that last one, it really does look like a blast of sunshine.

I have nine more blocks completed that I need to go and photograph now for you for the next instalment and after that I think a bit of sewing is called for before boys appear from Karate. It felt sssoooooo good last week to have my date with the sewing machine. It had been too long. I am going to try and make sure I get on it on a Saturday morning. Enjoy your weekend my friends.


11 thoughts on “More CAL Catch Up

  1. Aww, snap. 1) I can’t wait for spring either. Just a wee bit more sunshine makes everything better. So happy you’ve seen primroses! We don’t get too many in London… 2) I have a rubbish back too, so I do sympathise. Hope the physio can help and it continues to improve – and I hope you get a bit more time for crafty stuff. It’s nice to have some time for yourself.
    I’m on such a yellow tip at the moment, I love your last block. If sunshine can’t be supplied, we have to make it ourselves 🙂

    • Ooooo yes, I loved the yellow on your last post. Sadly no primroses in my garden, just in other people’s! I do have snowdrops though.

    • Today I ran out of painkillers from the nurse so I could only take paracetamol or ibuprofen and it has been ok – phew. Long may it continue (she says with all her fingers and toes crossed!!).

  2. I know what you mean about this time of year…we need spring! Hope your back is feeling better?

    Glad to hear your date with your sewing machine went well!! Love that yellow square very sunny!!

    Hope you are having a good week? Jane xx

    • I was just thinking about you this morning! My back is loads better. Only a tiny bit of pain now and I’m managing without any painkillers at all. So relieved. The forecast looks like we are going back to wintery weather again unfortunately, but I still know spring is round the corner 😉
      Are you on half term this week?? Enjoy.

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