Clever Grandma Patch

Hello Wonderful People, how are you all today?? Happy and peaceful I hope? There’s a bit of a break from all the CAL catch up today, although there will be more along very soon. I have been meaning to show you this for a while. Its very special. I need to sing the praises of someone who doesn’t have a blog and won’t sing them herself.

For her birthday last year I got Grandma Patch (my Mum) an Amy Butler jelly roll – Soul Blossoms, I think and this book. I have bought her similar presents in the past and she has made herself a couple of quilts. She has also made quilts for my brother and sister.

When she visited at Christmas she brought the completed quilt made from the jelly roll and book I had bought her… and told me I could keep it 😀

Would you like to see it???

Ok here you are –

DSCF2831Tricky to get a good picture of it (especially as my bedroom was a bit untidy and not ready for its moment of fame!). When there is a lovely sunny day I might try to get a photo of it on the washing line. I think its quite springy looking, fresh and clean and floral.

DSCF2832This one shows the colours a bit better. You can’t really see but in the corner nearest is an appliqué flower design. I think this is her fifth quilt and she has done an amazing job. I LOVE it. Is she clever or what??

Thanks Mum xxx

Now I have a loooonnngggg overdue date with my sewing machine today as the boys are off to a football match. I will get to that scruffy little room and find things on my workbench as I left them last time and probably won’t quite remember what I was going to do with them because its been so long! They will turn into something, I am determined. Enjoy your Saturday.


24 thoughts on “Clever Grandma Patch

  1. The quilt is really beautiful, well done to your Mum. It’s wonderful that she gave it to you- a real family heirloom.

  2. totally stunning! I so admire quilt makers, and this is an absolute beaut. I have no quilts in my home :(.
    PS. also love your bed and all the decorations… must be like a little disco when those lights are flashing on and off!!!!!!!

  3. What a talented lady – it obviously runs in the family! The quilt is so beautiful and what a precious gift. The colours are fresh and timeless x

    • I made a quilt a few years back (it was VERY FAR from perfect!) and I think that’s how Mum got infected with the quilty bug. I think she is the expert now though as she has made far more quilts than me.

  4. Can I also add that I have a Grandma Patch quilt and it is fantastic! Makes me smile everyday. It is same design as the squares at the top and bottom of yours but mine is in lovely ‘autumn/winter’ colours – red berry, russets, and a range of muted greens which look beautiful in my room. Love it mum! Cx

    • Hey Big Little Sis! I will have to hunt about to see if I have a photo of yours to put on here too. Grandma P might need her own page soon 😉

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