CAL Catch Up Again

Evening All! Bet you didn’t expect me to be back so soon! Well we have a lot of catching up to do so I thought we had better get on with it.

Blocks 49 – 53

Blocks 54 – 58

My favourites out of this batch are 51, 53, 54 and 55. 58 is a bit too lacy.

Last night I didn’t get any crochet done because I did my best falling asleep on the sofa! Big J was shown something scary on you tube at a friends house on Friday and has consequently had nightmares since so our bed has been a bit crowded and probably caused my sofa snoozing. Hopefully I can stay awake tonight and he will stay asleep. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


8 thoughts on “CAL Catch Up Again

  1. The crowded bed syndrome – now THAT brings back memories…know it all too well. 🙂
    Lovely crochet, by the way. You’re coming along very nicely (haha)
    Have a good week, don’t slip in that pink snow.

  2. These are all looking lovely! I really like the colours. have you been putting them next to each other to see what a whole blanket would look like? And i know you don’t like ’em much, but I still do like the single-colour bobbled ones 🙂

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