Big CAL Catch Up

Hello Everyone, how are you doing on this sunny Saturday morning? Boys at Karate… time for blogging!

Well despite the distinct lack of blog posts, the crochet has continued throughout the holidays and January so we have a big old catch up to do. I have just taken twenty two photos of blocks that I have completed and there are a few more already uploaded and waiting to be written about so I think you better expect a few CAL posts.

So lets dive in with the first one Blocks 40 to 44 –

All looking very green there!

Next up Blocks 45 – 48 –

My favourites are 43, 46, 47 and 48. What do you reckon? There are some lovely ones to come.

Little J spent a long time yesterday painting a box red to be a postbox, making signs, finding stamps, scales, till, newspapers, milk cartons to set up his very own Post Office. Now he is waiting for customers so I better write some letters quick.

Back soon with more. Enjoy your day.


17 thoughts on “Big CAL Catch Up

  1. Lovely blocks! are they from the 200 blocks book? I am just making a small lap blanket with a block from the book. Look forward to seein more – I always struggle with stitch counting on the ones that aren’t made in a round 😦 Nikki

    • Yes they are. I have struggled with stitch counting on those too. Its taken me until half way through the book but I think I have finally cracked it now… or at least until I have to count the next one!!!

  2. Wow! You have been busy ;). I love your colour choices, and you’re cracking on so well with these. Can’t wait to see the finished project. X

    • Well the last time I wrote a post about it was 16th Dec so this is what I have done since then. 2 – 3 a week is pretty manageable for me. The end still seems miles away!!!

  3. Love the colour of #47 it’s a really pretty lavender. All looking great.

    I admit I opened this post with squinty eyes because I wondered if I’d get a mention for being a big nag! 😉

    LJ sounds very industrious. Lovely.

    • Not as tricky as it looks but obviously the more colours the fiddlier it gets! Quite easy to tie yourself in a knot with balls of yarn all over the place. I have to make a concerted effort to ignore my slightly ocd neatness and leave the spaghetti around me!! It’s fun trying to work out how to get your yarn into the right place so you can continue with it later too.

    • Library is a favourite game too. Half of the books have post it notes stuck inside (for stamping the date on). The weekend has been good… just not long enough!!!

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