Life in Patchland and a Chefy Moment.

Well hello wonderful readers. How are you all?? Did you think I had got lost in a snowdrift?? How quickly does time go? And its all been busy here as normal. There has been work, snow, more snow, illness, a snow day, more work, but some fun in between too. Just no chances to write a blog post.

We did lots of sledging in the snow. Initial attempts at snowman building were hampered by the wrong kind of snow but later corrected. It has almost all gone from the  garden today and it feels very strange looking out and seeing the grass instead, as though the garden is naked!!!!

Other recent fun has involved us celebrating Burns Night. Although neither I nor Mr P is actually Scots, we are of Scottish decent. My paternal grandfather was a Scotsman. And January is so grim at times it really helps to have a reason for a bit of a celebration. Big J expects it now as it has become a bit of a tradition. So Friday was the actual date for Burns Night celebrations and the boys had their own version of a haggis supper.

Toad-in-a-hole is such a favourite here that we had to try this version. Big J loved it but Little J finds the haggis too peppery.

Saturday was the day for grown up celebrations as Mr P had invited some friends round to dinner. I was nominated chef but was not really excited by serving haggis (and vegi haggis for me) at a dinner party. Haggis is delicious but hearty, rustic food. Not really very fancy or even pretty to look at. So I decided to have a chefy moment and got some presentation rings for serving the haggis, neeps and tatties. We had Cullen Skink to start (creamy smoked haddock soup, a bit like a chowder maybe – forgot the photo!) then our fancy haggis (everyone wanted second helpings so the fanciness went out of the window and the pans ended up on the table lol!).

Dessert was Chocolate Truffle Torte – so easy and so delicious, and homemade shortbread (I’m so addicted to this stuff) followed by cheese, crackers and oatcakes. Mr P provided the entertainment (as well as being fantastic at entertaining small boys and tidying/hoovering while I was sorting the food) and had bought a selection of whiskys (in mini bottles, its strong stuff!) and printed out some tasting notes so that we could have a tasting tour of Scotland. It was a lot of fun and all the whiskys were amazingly different from the smell, taste and colour to what part of your mouth they affected.

I think a good time was had by all and needless to say, today I am feeling a bit tired so we are enjoying a lazy, stay-at-home day. Lots of leftovers to eat so not even much cooking to do.

Anyone else been celebrating???


15 thoughts on “Life in Patchland and a Chefy Moment.

  1. You make shortbread! 😀 I never had homemade shortbread until I met my husband’s family, and I can’t go back to store bought after that. So yummy!

    Also, I’m 1/4 Scottish, but haggis has never sounded appealing, alas. I’ll stick to the potatoes!

    • Oh yes, it’s Nannas recipe (she was married to my Scots Grandad, which is probably why she had to learn to make it sooooooo good) and it had a bit of a reputation. Nanna used to make it in thick petticoat tail shapes but we prefer thin biscuits which just melt in your mouth. My mum makes it more often than me and sometimes brings us some so my boys call it Grandma’s Biscuits (even when I have made it!).

    • Yeah, I had fun playing! When I made the shortbread though I thought Mr Paul Hollywood might tell me off because it had too much colour…. But Mary would have said it has a good crunch ;D

  2. So glad you didn’t get lost in a snow drift! (Snow?? what is that?) Love looking at all your food – a different kind of creativity going on there! I’ve never managed to make an edible toad in the hole, but I do dream of eating one one day.

    • There was only a tiny dusting then. People keep telling me there is more forecast for the weekend but I really hope not. Had enough of it now!!

  3. Time flies and it’s hard to believe that we’re now in February. I love your snowy photos and your shortbread looks lovely (and if Mr Hollywood doesn’t approve then he can come around a give a personal tutorial!!).

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