Winter Woodland Walk

Hello Bloggy Peeps, how are you all? I’ve come over all alliterative!!!

Although WordPress is not telling me so (huff!) I know that it is my bloggiversarie today – yay, go me!! A whole year of blogging. More importantly go YOU, lovely readers. If it wasn’t for you all I would have given up long ago, so many thanks for sticking with me, putting up with me, and writing wonderful comments 😀

I have some photos for you of our rather squishy, squelchy stroll (I warned you!!!) around the woods.

First up… a lovely view of Victoria Tower (local landmark) peeking out of the mist and looking rather Hobbit-like. I made Mr P stop the car so I could take this. It had to be done.

DSCF2866Not bad for a rubbish photographer like me! Big Little Bro will be jealous, though it would have been a much better if he had taken it.

DSCF2868Ok, off we go. It was very muddy. Little J was not happy when he got covered in it but once that was over with we could carry on with our splodge. I think they should be singing “Hi ho, hi ho…” on this picture.


Not a lot of greenery around at the moment but still some fantastic textures and colours. There was some amazing mustard yellow moss on some of the tree trunks that I didn’t manage to get a picture of.

DSCF2873Sometimes it just cries out to be made into lush embroidery, to me anyway.

DSCF2878The boys were looking for bugs but its the wrong time of year for that. They did find a slug and a worm.


Little J was looking for footprints, ant footprints in particular (thanks Peppa Pig!) but we did find sheep footprints.

DSCF2877So grey and dark, the sun had been out earlier which is what prompted us to head out. Think it went in again as soon as it saw us coming!

DSCF2881Believe it or not there is a reservoir very close to where we were walking but we didn’t find it or even glimpse it from a distance today. That will have to be a photo for another time. There were several streams though, no doubt all flowing into the reservoir.

Well snow is forecast here tonight and tomorrow and we often get quite a bit because we are so high and close to the Pennines. Although the forecasters are often wrong too so we shall see what its like in the morning.


17 thoughts on “Winter Woodland Walk

  1. Happy anniversary! It looks like you live in a beautiful part of the workd. Your photos look really good-felt like I was there with you.

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