After the madness is over…

…. peace is restored once more 😀


Did you hear that large sigh of relief??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love the excuse to spend time with family and friends, enjoy good food, wine and company. But sometimes its all gets a bit much. So nice to get back to normal.

Today is the first day since the start of the holiday that I have had the house completely to myself so I thought I better get on here to say hello to you all. Mr P and boys have gone for pre-term haircuts and a belated Christmas present for the car – new tyres.

Although you wouldn’t know it from this blog, Christmas and New Year have been celebrated here too. There have been lots of visitors, lots of food and lots of wine 😉 I am pleased to announce that I am carrying on a tradition of forgetting something for Christmas Dinner…. last year I forgot to cook the pigs in blankets, we had them on Boxing Day…. this year it was the boiled potatoes  (good job there were lots of roast potatoes)!!! New Year’s Eve saw me cooking three new recipes for a dinner party with friends. All three were successful and may become regulars in the Patch repertoire now.

I’m not really one for New Years Resolutions… it seems like a great way of setting yourself up for failure. I tend to make ‘resolutions’ throughout the year as they are required and when I am in the correct frame of mind to make them work, not just at New Year, but I have enjoyed reading many of yours and have taken inspiration from some of them. The only one I have announced to the world is that we WILL empty all those boxes that are still full from moving house. I do NOT want to find them still full in 10/20 years time!

Crochet has continued during the holiday – I have quite a lot of new CAL blocks to show you and I’m only a little behind our great leader. As ever I had lots of posts planned in my head over the holiday, but sadly they didn’t make it out of there and onto t’internet. I must have had about four “Made It Challenge” posts in my head but they didn’t escape my head either… sorry Maryanne. I also have some Christmas goodies to show you at some point or other, trust me, you will like them. And its my blog birthday coming up soon too. Its sounding like there may be lots of good things in store for 2013.

Heres hoping 2013 has lots of good things in store for you too, and that all your jars (a la Rachell) will overflow with them. Now… off to find a jar….


11 thoughts on “After the madness is over…

  1. Glad to know other people make mistakes with Christmas lunch. One year I went to serve up the Christmas pud only to find the bowl had a piece of ham in it instead!

    I agree with you about resolutions too, so it is completely coincidental that now Christmas is over I am trying to get back to my WiiFit exercises.

  2. The as and when resolution tactic is the best I find! Sounds like you had a very busy time but lovely too!! Back to total normality next week…well I say normality not much of that round here but school and work…you get the picture : ) Hope the new year brings you lots of nice things too xx

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