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Happy Sunday Everyone! How are you all? Christmas organisation going well??? I am determined to finish my Christmas present shopping today, then I only have to worry about sorting out the food and that is slowly getting sorted anyway. What a relief it will be!!

Ok so here is a quick look at the CAL blocks which were included in the photo of all the blocks so far, but which I hadn’t written a post about. They were done a week or two back, I just had no time to write a post. I have a couple more finished and I will write another post about them soon… hopefully!!

Block No. 36 Pink Stripes (or not!)


Block No. 37 Pin Stripes


Hmmmm, another of those dodgy joins halfway along one side. I really don’t like these.

Block No. 38 Dahlia


Chunky, yet lacy at the same time. Perfect for a cottage garden.

Block No. 39 Gavin’s Stripes (Who he??)


I quite like this textural stitch.

Gratuitous photo of all four together…

DSCF2694Perhaps its because things are soooo busy right now, or maybe I am just feeling a bit jaded with it all, but I am struggling to make myself do the blocks I am less keen on. That means the plainer ones or those with bobbles. I much prefer those done “in the round” and have an urge to skip all the plain ones and just do the pretty flowery looking ones!! I shall try to fight this urge!!!!

Well this week is the last week of term so it is going to be full of rehearsals and performances. With my class at work, with Big J on Tuesday night and with Little J on Thursday afternoon. Busy but I am thankful that I don’t have to do anything extra for them, I just get to sit and watch and enjoy (or supervise a bit with my class). Little J has been entertaining us for ages with snippets of the songs he has been learning. Big J has brought the words to his songs home too now so we have been listening to them on Spotify and singing along. One of them is a carol that I had not learned before and its really nice learning a new one with him.

Are you going to be watching any Christmas concerts this week?? Or maybe a pantomime?? Big J is going to watch a performance of Beaty and the Beast with school on Monday too. Enjoy your Sunday.

13 thoughts on “More CAL

  1. I’m going to enjoy a year off from tortured versions of Little Donkey and Away in the Manger and head to the pub this week, hopefully, for some social crochet time with adults. Ah bliss!

    I said the same about the mid-way join, I know what you mean about it looking iffy.
    Who the hell is Gavin indeed, maybe Mr Eaton I wondered?

    The blocks for this week (if you’re on the same ones) are nice and in the round #46-8

      • Oh they’re fast though you can whip them up in no time Mrs 🙂
        I think the blanket will need the balance of ornate and plain solid blocks. I know what you mean though; row upon row of dc gets dull, especially now we are pro crocheters now!

  2. Your colour choice for the pin stripes square is the one I’ve liked best of those I’ve seen and yes the joins are annoying. It makes me want to mess around with the pattern and see if I can get rid of them.

  3. Hi! Your CAL blocks are so beautiful! What a wonderful collection you have made already! Congratulation for winning lovely fabrics from Avis! I wish you wonderful Christmas time and thank you for following my new blog! x Teje

    • Thankyou. Yes, Little J is excited but Big J is struggling to control himself. Takes a LOT of willpower to not get cross with him!! Poor thing. Definitely deserve my mulled wine tonight! Hope you all have a great time xx

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