CAL Blanket So Far.

Hello Crochet Geeks, how are you all??

Quick post for you today. Some of you were asking to see all the blocks completed so far in the CAL all together in one photo so here you go….

DSCF2636Apologies for the creases in the background lol! I laid them out on a white sheet – I did attempt to iron the sheet first but have you noticed how irons just do not seem to do their job these days??? No matter how long I iron the same spot for or how hard I press the creases stay. Yes I did check that the iron was hot. Maybe my iron is rubbish (remember the calico??)?? Mum used to have a heavy, old one years ago. It didn’t do steam, it was just hot warm or cool. I’m sure it used to do a better job. I’m sure the creases used to come out and you would be left with a nice sense of satisfaction at the end, instead of total frustration :s

Anyhoo – what do you reckon??

I didn’t fiddle about too much – just laid them all out. I was sitting on the left when I did it… hence the christmas tree being the wrong way round!

The eagle eyed amongst you may spot the most recent blocks – there are some in there which I did this week that I haven’t posted about yet.

Think I quite like the patchworky, randomness of it all. I highly doubt that it will stay like this though as I would like it to look more like a Cottage Garden as that is the theme. I may re-do some of the plain colour squares into the green colour??? They seem to jump out a little too much??? Or would that be too green???

And that chequerboard square just looks so wrong!

What do you think???

17 thoughts on “CAL Blanket So Far.

  1. I don’t think the chequerboard square looks particularly wrong among the others but I don’t actually like that square in itself as I have said on my blog. The golden squares do stand out a lot but I think they would do so less if you had more of that colour in the other squares. So, do you want more of that colour? or to only use it for gentle touches.

    If we don’t get involved in doing the different colour choices we must be about one third of the way through. Amazing!

    As I may have said before I think your colour choices work well together.

    • You are right there does seem to be less yellow in the mixed colour squares. I shall have to include it more in that way and less in the single colours. I still wish I had another shade of green!

      I don’t intend to do all the colour ways in the later squares, unless I need a couple of extras.

  2. I also don’t think you need to redo any plain coloured squares, they are all lovely as they are. The two yellow ones do stand out, perhaps you could do a couple more solid yellow ones to balance that colour out. The predominant colour so far is green, and it’s a lovely green, but maybe you could still use another shade of green, something at the same “strength” as your light blue?
    You have made wonderful progress, especially in the context of your new job… I think I am still on 14 😦
    It really is going to be one amaze-balls blanket ❤

    • Hmmmmm, I’m looking at my shade card now and wondering about which green I could try. There is a darker one that goes well, and possibly a lighter one but I need to check in the daylight. Do you think it’s a bit late to add extra colours??

      • I don’t, but that’s just me. Depends on how large the finished product is going to be. If you are more than halfway, then maybe it is too late (although, if it was my blanket, I would still add in a new colour if I felt it was warranted). But I probably wouldn’t have had the thought at all if you hadn’t said maybe you should have had more than 1 green to start with, it really looks stunning as it is. There isn’t much you could do to spoil it now 🙂

  3. OMG! These are all so beautiful, you are creating a masterpiece!! This is going to be the prettiest blanket ever made! I love them all as it’s just so eclectic yet cohesive. Hope you’ve had a great weekend? How is work going? J xx

      • There’s quite a lot of pink for soneone who professes to dislike it! I wouldn’t include a colour at all in that case.
        There’s a lot of green was really was my point as you asked what we reckoned. I’d include more of a mix now.

      • But its a garden, I needed some pink flowers to balance the colours. And I want lots of green. Sometimes I am just too literal for my own good!!!!!

    • Thank you. I can’t say I’m pleased with it yet, but it is showing potential. Its very much a work in progress and I will keep at it until I am pleased.

    • Hello! I have a post half written since Sunday, but no chance to finish it!! Also the iPad has stopped talking to the wifi so I’m struggling to read other blogs so you’ll have to let me off if I don’t comment 😉

      • Just glad you are okay, I get worried when I don’t hear from bloggy friends for a while! Only things on my blog at the moment are the December photo a day so don’t expect you to comment on them all!! I missed yesterdays due to being extra busy!! J xx

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