Calorific No2 – Stir Up Sunday

Hello Friends, I hope I am not disappointing you crochet geeks with the content of this post. I’m afraid its calorific in an entirely different way to the last post, sometimes I think I’m so witty (No? Just me then).

So this is what some of our weekend was spent doing….

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Yep – Christmas Puds. I had never made one until last year and I have to say it is amazingly easy. They were delicious too – the boys loved them, so I had to do them again this year. When I was choosing a recipe last year I looked for one that was straightforward, nothing too complicated and fancy. This one is definitely that, but it does allow you space to be creative because you can choose your own combination of dried fruits, it suggests brandy or whisky but that could easily be swapped for something else too. I can’t quite remember what I used last year but I know that this year I added more cherries and I think we have dates and chopped pecans that weren’t in it last year. The boys both helped with the measuring, mixing and stirring and the house started smelling like Christmas as soon as the fruits were soaking in brandy. Big J said “I remember that smell” which pleased me because its about creating traditions and memories as well as yummy food to eat on Christmas Day. I don’t make Christmas Cake because I can’t cook it in the Beast (takes too long, it would be burnt on the outside) so Mum makes them. I think that Stir Up Sunday – the last Sunday in November and the traditional day for making Christmas Puds is really the very beginning of Christmas for me. From here on it just gets more and more busy with concerts, parties, carol services, shopping, cooking…. Crazy in general.

What’s the start of Christmas for you???

P.S. Can you see my shiny new kettle in the background? 😀

Edited to add:- I have been told off by Mr P for spelling “whisky” wrong (we are not Irish or American so it should not have an “e”). Not sure if it was me or the spellchecker thingy but hey, I have put it right now! This is from a man who once read “autopsy” as “autospy” (still makes me giggle!!).


17 thoughts on “Calorific No2 – Stir Up Sunday

  1. Christmas starts in our house with cakes made during October half-term. I don’t make puddings because I don’t like them! It’s a lovely way to start a tradition though. xx

    • I was never particularly keen on them either but I have been converted. I remember them being very dark and rich but mine were lighter. Hope these are as good as the last ones.

  2. Oooooooh! You’ve just reminded me of the gorgeous surprise smell when I came home from school and Mum had made the Christmas cakes. There is nothing like the aromas of Christmas cakes and puddings for making you feel warm inside on a cold day 🙂 I was the nominated baker of the family Christmas cakes for about the last 10 years but I didn’t make any at all last year. Maybe I’ll get organised to do some this year. Avis x

    • Those kinds of memories are wonderful. My Mum does Sugarcraft which is why she does the Christmas cakes (as well as the fact that the Beast won’t cook them nicely).

  3. Those puds sound delish!! Start of Christmas for me is buying a special tree decoration every year. We’ve done this ever since our son was born (12th year) and then putting up the tree which we did (I did) tonight. J put the angel on the top (thanks for all the help there!). I thought that was lovely that your son remembered the smell : ) Love the kettle!!

    • Really wish we had done that. I remember enjoying getting each special decoration out of the box every year with my Mum. Every single one was different and everyone had their personal favourites. Might start now anyway. So many of ours are very samey and lots are non-breakable so we are going to have them forever. Mums were special because they were so delicate, and of course there are few of them left now sadly. Happy memories though.

      • You could definitely start it this year! Even this year at 12 J still enjoyed choosing one : ) It’s nice that you still have a few of your mum’s decorations, these things certainly bring back happy memories xx

  4. Remember Grandmas Bus soap on a rope tree decoration? Always my favourite cos I couldn’t break it, unlike Mums!!!!

    • Hello Chrissie Lou! Good to see you on here. I had totally forgotten about that decoration… Everyone has different favourites. I used to love the little clip on candle holders Grandma had (I think because they seemed really old) but also those funky little plastic people/characters which were also bells. Bet that soap on a rope is still out there somewhere… It was indestructible!!

  5. Ah haven’t seen Lesley Waters anywhere for years, after she was on Ready Steady Cook for a long time (maybe still is, but I don’t watch if it’s still on) she’s looking good.

    What is that slideshow option called? I like it as you don’t have to click to start it.

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