CAL-orific No1!!!!!

Hello my lovely crochet geeks, how are you all?? I am becoming increasingly aware that this is a TRUELY geeky thing to do – crochet a series of different blocks and then blog about them. I LOVE GEEKS 😉

If you are not a crochet geek you might want to look away now.

Hey ho…. here we go…..

Block No.32 Oblique Stripe

I was worried about this one, remembering the problems from the very first block which kept coming out diamond shape. But I didn’t have any of those problems. Yay! Ok it’s slightly wonky but definitely more of a square than a diamond. And I didn’t count the stitches either. Maybe I am just more aware of where to put my hook at the end of a row now???

Block No.33 Pretty in Pink (or not!)

Nooooooo, you won’t get a lot of pink here. I am not a pink girl.

Block No.34 Band of Bobbles

I had to re-do some of this at first as I didn’t read the pattern carefully enough and so didn’t get my repeats right, but after that – no problem.

Block No.35 Tricolour Square

I like this one – a lot. Quite chunky but lacy too. A whole blanket of these could be very nice and very warm…. but I think it might eat yarn!

Group photo – all of this weeks blocks together.

Think I have done quite well getting four done this week…. still virtually no sewing though despite trying to plan it in to my week. I did get upstairs to the attic for an hour on tuesday afternoon and chose some fabrics to make a design for a little zippy purse but I didn’t get much further than that. I planned to do more yesterday but Big Little Bro appeared.

Right off to get the boys from school. Happy Friday everyone!!!!

18 thoughts on “CAL-orific No1!!!!!

    • It was bumpier but I have taken to giving them a light press with the steam iron before photographing them – have to be very careful not to squash them too much though.

  1. I like the tricolour square too! My ripple blanket is growing but my back is keep going into spasms (like yours the other week) so no sewing for the last week. At least I can crochet 🙂 Have a great weekend! Avis x

    • Oh you have my sympathy… It’s so painful. Not sure I would have coped without lots of ibuprofen and just making myself keep moving! Glad you can still crochet though!

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  3. Bobbles! It’s just me, isn’t it? I like these bobbles too.
    I *really* want to see everything you’ve done together so far. Are you waiting to do a big reveal at the end? I can see why you would, but… Just thought I’d ask. We’re all right here with ya 🙂

    • Aw thank you. I wasn’t particularly waiting for a big reveal. Haven’t joined any blocks together yet but I guess I could do a “progress so far” post. I’m not intending to use all the blocks for my blanket -just the best/preferred/most appropriate ones, so I will probably have to wait until almost the end before joining them. Would be interesting to lay them all out together though, could have endless fun arranging them 🙂

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