CAL-ing Along

Ooooo I invented a new word there I think! A new verb… “to CAL” (we had Inset on Grammar the other day at work!!!). Its been a funny old week – a training day and then we were all dressed in our pyjamas for Children In Need on Friday. Wearing pyjamas to work must have an impact on productivity and efficiency… I just felt like curling up in a comfy chair with a book!!! All the kids looked really snug in their fleecy/furry onesies. Think Father Christmas might have go hunting for some of those for small boys (do they make adult sizes???)

Am still struggling with less time in the day due to work…. booooooo! But also enjoying work and I’m sure pay day will be fun. Have managed some CAL-ing at the weekends but not much else 😦 How on earth am I going to get back onto the sewing machine??? I don’t like doing it in the evenings – would rather spend time with Mr P, in front of cosy fire with crochet instead of in the scruffy attic on my own at the sewing machine. I’m getting twitchy sewing fingers and a head overflowing with ideas… got an urge to try a little patchy house zippy purse, or a patchy house cushion, or… And I still need to start sorting Christmas out! Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!

Ok Crochet Geeks (term of endearment), here is your next CAL instalment.

Block No29 Bobble Stripes

There’s a bit of an in, out, in, out, thing going on with the sides of this block – I mysteriously gained the odd stitch here and there and then had to lose it again!! Any one else still have these problems?  No?   Just me then!!!

Block No30 Shell Lace

I think this one is very pretty. Wonder what it would be like in stripes??

Block No31 Primrose Square

This one was a bit odd. Round 3 says “2ch, working over 5ch sp to enclose it” Not sure if interpreted that correctly but hey… here it is. Its flowery, so correct for the blanket.

And the obligatory, gratuitous shot of them all together…

Before I go, I am aware that constant CAL posts could be a bit boring. I have requested that Mr P do a guest post soon – he’s had some more canal adventures and I thought you might be interested in hearing about that, so watch out for it. Is there anything else you would like to see, hear, read about on the blog Dear Readers??? Requests are welcome.

Ok, better be off to find some lunch. Enjoy your Sunday.


17 thoughts on “CAL-ing Along

  1. Would love more canal and lock adventures, I love those barges. Am not finding your cal squares updates boring in any way, though. Keep ’em coming. Especially since I am still stuck on #14 !!! hahaha

  2. I love to see your new CAL squares they are all so pretty!! I adore the colours you are using! Sounds like the pyjama day was great fun!!! Yes, you can get adult onesies from Primark : )

    • I can do that. The only obstacle is that I forget to take my camera out with me!! I was thinking I should take some photos on my way back from work last week but I didn’t have my camera!! I think it needs a new home… In my bag.

  3. Please continue with the CAL posts. When my sister gets her birthday present of the same book that you are using, I will point her in this direction 🙂 Reading blogs is like getting your favourites magazines….then always waiting for the next issue to see what is going on. Keep up the great work! Avis x

    • I’m not stopping the CAL posts, just wondering what to do in between. And not everyone (although I think it’s a quickly shrinking minority lol!) likes crochet. But it is here to stay 😉

  4. As I’m in the CAL, I love seeing your CAL posts but other things could be good like the canal or recipes. Why not both!

    I especially like your primrose square the flower stands out quite nicely in those colours.

  5. I love reading the CAL posts too! I also like the first one up there – nobbles and stripes. And I’m glad we don’t get to work in our PJs, our office is freezing at the moment! Glad you’re enjoying your job though, even if it is eating up your craft time… At least it’s paying for it too!

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