Delayed CAL Blocks

Here you are, you Crochet Geeks, a CAL update for you 😉

These blocks are in jolly Christmas colours in the book. But that would look wrong in my blanket so I went unchristmassy (new word??). Bright sunshine here today so apologies for all the shadows!

Block No.25 Tannenbaum

I’m not so keen on blocks with pictures so this one might be out.

Block No.26 Snowflake

Very lacey, pretty. But maybe too lacey??? Oooooo I’m picky aren’t I lol!!!

Block No.27 Snowy Stripes

There it is, not much to say about it really!

Block No.28 Christmas Rose

I though this one looked tricky but it was straight forward. Round 7 – the point where you are beginning to construct the background was a bit worrying but it worked out straightaway as I followed the book. Sometimes you have to have faith in your pattern and just carry on, despite any worries or doubts you might have, to see if it works… and this one does.

Here they are together

Tonight I shall be attacking Block No.29 (29 already! How did that happen!!! You really don’t notice the pile of blocks growing doing 2-3 a week!) Bobble Stripes and tomorrows looks very pretty – Shell lace.


10 thoughts on “Delayed CAL Blocks

  1. Very nice blocks. I love the flower one in particular and the tree one would make nice bunting for Christmas 🙂 I suspect the book you are using is the one by Jan Eaton. If so, would it be a good present for a beginner? Or could you recommend a different book? Thank you 😀

    • Yes. It’s good for someone who knows the basics but wants to learn a bit more or try something new. (Like me!). Lots of inspiration and endless ideas for blankets. The blocks are given a grading of one, two or three hooks to show how difficult they are. Most have been straightforward so far, although a lot of us found the very first one difficult despite it only being given two hooks! It has the usual notes at the back about the basic and more complex stitches, changing colours etc. It’s a bit of a block bible really, I think my copy will get used quite a lot over time. I haven’t got many crochet books but its probably one of the more useful. I have another that has lots of flowers in too. Then I have a couple that are more project orientated – I like these less as I prefer to make up my own projects and usually find several projects I don’t like and will never make in that kind of book.
      Hope that helps?

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