Get on the rollercoaster…


Yes I am still here. Bet you all thought I’d disappeared into the mists of the blogging ether, didn’t you?? Sorry, no such luck, I’m back to annoy and torment you some more lol!!! Its been a busy week but I’ve finally found a bit of peace and quiet when the computer is free (they’ve all gone to karate this morning).

Well, that was the first week of my new job and it went well. I’m starting to settle in a tiny bit and getting to know a few names. Its going to take a while but I feel sooooo much better now that I have finally started. Waiting for things is sometimes the worst… lots of time to worry, stress and get worked up about it. Its been a bit of a challenge though because I have been suffering all week from a variety of ailments.

Not my brothers fireworks, but pretty none the less.

Last weekend Big Little Bro had his annual firework party. Mr P was very pleased because he could go to the fireworks factory shop and choose lots of fireworks to play with!!! I did suggest that he make a big pile of cash in the garden and set fire to it but apparently this would not do. Fortunately he did manage to keep control of himself and his wallet and came back with some for the party and some for our garden. Last year Little J fell asleep during the fireworks (that boy could sleep through the noisiest thing making its biggest noise!) but he said he would try to stay awake this year. He was doing well, watching the fireworks, jumping around excitedly, enjoying his sparklers then he started asking to be carried. So I picked him up a couple of times… Then he said he wanted to go inside the conservatory to watch because he was cold… Then he wanted to sit on my lap… Can you see where this is going? About an hour after his normal bedtime he crashed out on my lap despite the noisy fireworks! So we put him on the sofa for a while and later I carried him to a taxi and then up to bed when we got home. Thats where things started to go a bit wrong.

I was fine sunday morning until I got up out of a chair…. then I could hardly move. My back had gone into spasm!! It improved as the day went on but was still very painful and I had a rubbish nights sleep due to back pain combined with worries about my first day at work. So I struggled through my first day at work with a sore back but also developed a sore throat. By Wednesday the sore throat had turned into a tickly cough which caused a few coughing fits… usually at the most inappropriate moments (like the two minutes silence at the Memorial Rooms!!). By Thursday my back was pretty much better but I developed a stiff and sore neck instead. Combine all this with rubbish nights sleep all week due to either aches and pains, coughing or small boys with nightmares.

How I got through my first weeks work so well I’m not sure!! I was feeling pretty sorry for myself some of the time. There was a lovely big surprise for me on Thursday though which really cheered me up. Remember this post??? Well I won!!!! HURRAH! Winning is not something that usually happens to me so I am very excited and pleased 😀 It was just what I needed to lift my spirits in the middle of a tough week. And now I get to have lots of fun planning what to do with my winnings when they arrive. I would highly recommend taking part in the Woolhogs Made It Challenge, especially if you’re constantly creating and making. Its easy to do and interesting and inspiring to see the other entries. And it can really perk you up when you need it most 😉 Get over there and join in… you have nothing to lose!!!!

I also have to confess to not picking up my hook or any sort of needle/tool all week until Friday. I had lots of forms to fill in and other boring things or else I was just too tired! But Friday was the school disco so while Mr P took the boys to that I picked up my hook and my 200 Blocks book and made another square for the CAL. There will be an update along very soon as I have some blocks from last week to post about too. Hopefully as I settle into my new routine I will get back to the crochet/sewing and the blogging with a bit more regularity. Its been interesting trying to fit in all the normal boring day to day chores into the very short time I have between getting back from work and picking up the boys too but it will all be sorted out eventually. Its that “waiting” thing again. Things need a bit of time.


11 thoughts on “Get on the rollercoaster…

  1. I thought we’d lost you forever. Well done on your first week back at work. Must be so hard. Maybe your throat was a bit of a stress reaction to it all. Anyway, hope you are feeling better and can soon pick the knitting and crochet sticks up again. xxxx

    • Oh noooo. I might disappear for a bit but I am determined not to be lost forever. There’s nothing more disappointing than when you lose a blogging friend into the ether!! There was definitely some stress involved somewhere… most likely in the disturbed sleep patterns. Last night was an improvement – just disturbed by a bit of coughing then straight back to sleep so I am wide awake today 🙂

  2. First of all I am glad to hear you are feeling better, why do these things appear at such inopportune times!! Secondly, glad to hear work went so well despite feeling under the weather, you are made of strong stuff girl! Thirdly I hope you manage to have a sit down and relax, you deserve it! Have a great weekend. Me and Mr. Kooks are off to Lincoln for the night with some fab friends in a bit…I am giddy! Jane xxx

    • I was worried one of the boys would get chicken pox in time for me starting work (neither has had it yet)! I am having a relatively quiet Saturday before having Mr P’s Aunty and Uncle to lunch tomorrow. Sounds like you are in for a fun weekend – enjoy!

    • Oh you should have seen me. I could hardly move a step on Sunday morning and I was holding on to everything!! I think the trick is to keep moving though.

  3. I knew we hadn’t lost you, I figured you’d be having a very busy time, but I’m sorry it was so stressful and you felt so lousy. Seems to be passing — ? hopefully 🙂 Hope you can get some relaxation in tomorrow – maybe when the lunch is over, you can put your feet up while everyone else does the washing up?
    Jill x
    PS. SO glad you won, just flipping jealous of those buttons 🙂

    • Most of the time I didn’t feel particularly stressed but definitely was on Sunday night. Mr P is looking after me tonight with Hot Toddies and I’ve had a fairly quiet day today with a bit of crochet included 🙂
      Regarding the buttons… I am going to keep my eyes peeled for a nice prize for Maryanne to offer for a future challenge… It may include buttons of some kind!!

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