CAL Catch Up

Hello Wonderful Readers, how are you all today? I for one, am very glad its the weekend and its also half term so we can chill out a bit and breathe again.

The news is…. I got the job. Mixed feelings about that – I’ve had a lovely time staying at home and being a “proper” mum but my days were numbered sadly. Hopefully the job I have got will fit in fairly neatly and not be too full of pressure and stress, fingers crossed. So I start on 5th November and this is my last week of freedom. Better enjoy it to the max!

Its a while since I did a CAL post and I did get a bit behind when things got busy and I got worn out, but I’ve been busy and caught myself up again so here are my results…

Block No19 – Lacy cross

Not much to say about this one – fairly straightforward.

Block No20 – Colourful Bobbles

I did not like this one – too much changing colours, it really slowed me down. Lots of ends to darn in too. Yuk!

Block No21 – Blue Shades

Well, mine wasn’t in blue shades lol! I thought it would be a start in the middle and work out block but I was wrong. Pleasantly surprised to find it was the reverse. Looks a strange shape but it is correct – guess it needs blocking. Strangely curly too!

Block No22 – St Petersburg

The picture in the book lied. The author had used variegated yarn and hadn’t changed yarns where the pattern required it. Very misleading! So it was very difficult to see how this should turn out. This is it. Quite chunky but I think I like it. First time doing front post and back post trebles so interesting.

Block No23 – Bars and Diamonds

Another interesting one that had us crocheting into the side of a treble.

Block No24 – Italian Cross

When I finished the first two colours of this block Mr Patch heard a cry… “Oh no… I’ve crocheted a fried egg!!” I was going for a daisy effect but all I could see was fried egg lol! Looks better with the purple around it.

Here they all are together…

The next few in the book are Christmas themed but I really don’t want some random Christmas blocks in my blanket so hopefully if they are not red and green and white they won’t look Christmassy!!! Time will tell.

Right off to get organised – Little J has a party to go to this afternoon. Enjoy what is left of your weekend everyone.


19 thoughts on “CAL Catch Up

  1. well, hearty congratulations to you on your new position! I’m sure you’ll make a huge success of it, and will soon settle into a new routine. You’ll be FAB.
    and your squares are wonderful. I have fallen so far behind that I am ashamed! I love your fried egg, it’s my favourite! (goes with bacon, of course).

    • Awwww, don’t be ashamed. Forget the blocks you’ve missed and jump back in where we are up to…. There are going to be enough blocks to miss a few!!!

  2. Many congratulations on getting the job!!!! I meant to ask but it slipped my mind, sorry! Your squares are so lovely, it is making me want to take up crocheting. The colours are just so cohesive, really beautiful. Enjoy your last week of freedom and I am sure all will be fine after a bit of adjustment. Jane x x

  3. Congratulations on getting the job 😀 I’ve been enjoying watching your progress on the CAL. Your blocks look great 🙂
    My sister is just starting to take up crochet and I’m going to buy her the book with 200 square blocks in it for her birthday. I want to get her some yarn so she can just have a play about with it. Could you recommend a brand/thickness and where to buy online? I assume she will start with double knit weight… Avis x

    • The Stylecraft Special DK is excellent. It is acrylic but that makes it more affordable and there are loads of colours. Its a good yarn to start with, can move onto more expensive natural fibres later. Deramores is a good place to buy it online and they have it on special offer at the moment too – 15% off until 8th Nov. I need to get some more for the CAL! They do a pack of mixed colours in it too.

    • Thought you must be busy! Thank you, it was good. I’m so glad to have finally started. I think by the end of the week I will feel right at home. Have spent the afternoon trying to catch up with myself and failing lol! It’s going to take a bit of getting used to I guess.

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