Contrary to popular belief…

… I have not disappeared off the face of the blogging planet. I am still here. It has been a bit mad here of late. It seems to get like that from time to time.

Last week I had a little time on Monday to myself then I had a visit to a potential employer, a meeting with a careers lady, Big J had a school trip, the usual Beavers/Cubs and Slimming World, a trip to the doctors with a small boy with a very hurty ear and then lots of tidying, cleaning and baking to do in preparation for a special occasion. Little J had his Birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It went very well, he had a great time despite his hurty ear. Saturday evening was about chilling after the party and Sunday morning was shopping for last minute presents (his actual birthday is not until this week) and Sunday afternoon was my last chance to prep for a job interview I had this morning. Sunday night was a rare night out for me and Mr P with Big Little Bro and his girlfriend to see a band. So now I have my interview out of the way, and while I await The Call to find out how I got on, I can catch my breath and say “Hello” to you all. Hope you are well and that it is slightly less mad where you are.

I have done some work towards the CAL but have to confess to getting slightly behind this last week – only one and a bit blocks done so far. No worries, I shall soon catch up again. I will post about my blocks when I have done a little more.

I do have something else to show you though. Its very dark and damp here today so pictures aren’t great quality. Here you are… there’s one of these…

and one of these…

And thats the last of my charity shop frames. Although I know there are LOADS more of them in the local charity shops so I can just pop along and get some more when I’m ready. Here’s a picture of all four together so you can compare…

I initially thought the pink and orange ones were a bit too large for their frames, but now I’m not so sure.

Well its time to collect small boys so I will leave you. Be back soon with more news though.


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