CAL Blocks No.16 to No.18

Hello Everyone. How are you all today??? Beautiful sunny day here but cold. I really should be out in it, not sitting here at the computer!!! Look who I found snuggled up and keeping warm…

He’s thinking that if he doesn’t see me I won’t see him!!! That will teach me to shut the drawer!

Just stopping by to update you on my CAL progress. So a quick peek at my next three blocks, here we go..

Block No.16 Waterlily

I was a bit intimidated by this one – worried that it would be tricky but it wasn’t too bad. the picture below shows my finished block before I gave it a quick press. I was concerned about the frilliness of the background block.

It used lots of yarn but its pretty and flowery. Below is a picture after the quick press and you can see it looks better. Am wondering now if the hole in the middle is too big??? Looks like a cartwheel!!

Block No.17 Alternate Bobbles

I remembered that my last bobble block came out too small so I added a couple of stitches to either side, but I think I might have lost the odd one along the way!! Can you see that little step halfway up the left hand side?? Doh!

Block No.18 Traditional Granny

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And here are all three together…

Back to the patchy blanket tonight I think.

Right off to sort the laundry out… enjoy your weekend.


15 thoughts on “CAL Blocks No.16 to No.18

  1. Beautiful and impressive squares!
    I have a cat like that… he gets shut up in closets, armoires and drawers frequently but it still doesn’t stop him from doing it again and again!

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