Hooky Newsflash.

Hey you guys! How’s it going?? Well it’s Monday again and this appears to be becoming my regular feature day!!! Yep you guessed it…. its CAL time. Ok, so I know you might not all be interested in the CAL. If you aren’t then you are excused but you might want to scroll down to the bottom of the post to have a quick peek at blanket progress 😉

This week I was on blocks no.13 – 15. First up Block No. 13 Circle in a Square….

Love this one. Really, really pretty and definitely going in my blanket. No problems with this one.

Block No. 14 Alhambra

Now I had a bit of a struggle with this one. I followed the pattern exactly (or so I thought) but I kept ending up with three sides not four! I pulled it out a couple of times with the same result. By then I had got my head around the pattern and decided to follow my instincts and…. it worked. Phew. I am beginning to notice this with other blocks too. Once the pattern is worked out in my head, I can complete the block without using the book. So there is the evidence of the learning and practice that this CAL is giving me. I am already much better at reading and interpreting patterns – hurrah! Definitely needs blocking this one. Very lacy.

Block No.15 Corner Square

Another of those funky corner ones that are dotted through the book. I was a bit confused at the start of this one but I think it came out ok. Seems slightly bigger than the others.

Here are the three together…

And with a selection of the others…

Next up is No.16 Waterlily, which is lovely but will it turn out like it should??? I have done similar flowers and had them come out back to front so we shall see!!!!

And now back to the blanket. I sewed together another bundle of squares last week and now I have this…

… closer look…

Its another strip ready to be attached to the main blanket. We were away at the weekend visiting Mr P’s Dad and I crocheted all the way there in the car (3.5 hours) so there are almost enough blocks ready for another strip. I have got to the point where I’m not sure how long my yarn will last so I am making bigger blocks first and saving smaller lengths for smaller blocks. Then I will have to consider the border. Oooooo its exciting!

Well its cold and hazy today. I am feeling incredibly tired after our busy weekend. On the plus side, I have some yummy, restorative soup made to have for my lunch now and the builders will be finished in the next couple of days. Hurrah!

Back soon xxx

7 thoughts on “Hooky Newsflash.

  1. I’m really intrigued by your squares blanket. I haven’t seen one like that before, where you combine bigger and smaller squares. Loving the colors! Also I’m jealous that you can crochet in the car. I can’t do anything while riding or I get carsick!

    • I can only crochet in the car on the motorway (like an interstate??) because its much straighter otherwise I would probably get car sick too.

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