Hooky Blanket Update

Well hello again everyone. Hope your day is going well. This is a quick post about my crochet blanket, as promised. The last time I wrote a post about this was waaaaay back in May! I have been plodding away with it, off and on. I had loads of squares made and decided to sew some together while we were visiting Grandma Patch during the summer holidays. So I created another strip to add to the blanket and last week I joined that strip on. It is now square, rather than rectangular. Would you like to see??…

I still have enough squares made to make another strip now, so I will get on with that in between the CAL and hopefully there will be another update soon.

Right off to make the most of the afternoon before school is over – tonight it is karate time! Speak soon.

25 thoughts on “Hooky Blanket Update

    • It was a mixed pack of yarn, which has meant that I have had to use quite a few colours I would never have picked normally but I don’t notice them so much when I see it altogether 🙂

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