CAL Blocks No.9 to No.12

Hello Readers, hope you are all well??? The sun is out, although it may be briefly, the builder has his tea, I have my tea and all is well here. Just stopping by to update you on my CAL progress. Four more blocks done and now I am definitely up to speed with everyone else. I have even been working on my crochet patchwork blanket too this week but I will post about that later so stay tuned folks. I am loving this CAL. Its very manageable and full of mini challenges with each now block/pattern/stitch. I am learning and improving loads 😀 Join in if you haven’t and want to, I’m sure you could start at Block 13, no one would mind.

So a quick peek at my next four blocks, here we go..

You can see my long awaited yellow, green and blue in there now. Expect lots more of the green in particular, because there should be lots of green in a cottage garden.

Block No.9 Arcadia

I like this one…. very pretty and more flower like than many of them. It was easy enough to make too.

Block No.10 Openwork Square

I liked this one too and no problems again – yay! I did have to make sure I had the correct amount of stitches throughout so I didn’t get into bother.

Block No.10 Baby Blocks

Hmmmm. This one was a bit of a challenge. I have never knitted or crocheted with two colours on the go at the same time before so I was a little intimidated by it. I did try crocheting over the loose ends at the back but then I couldn’t work out how to do it when doing the row in the other direction and I didn’t like the fact that the second colour showed through, so I gave up with that and just carried the spare yarn across the back like the book says to. Possibly not such a good block for a blanket due to the loose yarn at the back… maybe better for cushions or something??? It also seemed to come out narrower than the other blocks. I contemplated adding another square to the row but decided it would be too big then, so I left it as the pattern said.

The Front.

The Back.

Block No.12 Fine Lines

This one appeared straight forward but I did get in a bit of a pickle with working out which was the front and the back, although that probably has more to do with the fact that I was trying to watch a Pedro Almodovar film with subtitles at the same time!!! It doesn’t work. I got very frustrated because I wanted to watch the film but I wanted to crochet too. If I could speak Spanish it would have been ok but….

Would you like to see all the blocks so far together??

Its looking…. interesting…. There are quite a few in there that I might not use. I thought the book was splitting into two block types but now I think there may be three – the very solid dc blocks, – the less solid blocks not done in the round, and the traditional granny type, in the round blocks.

Oh, theres the rain again. I want to go blackberry picking 😦

Tomorrow maybe.

13 thoughts on “CAL Blocks No.9 to No.12

  1. Gah! I always like the unpopular things – I like number 10, and I think you did a great job of it. It’s just super bright and cheerful. (And i feel your two color pain!) I think once you get your new colours in there they’ll all work really nicely together.

    • A lot of other people doing the CAL like the solid dc blocks but I don’t. I was thinking I was the one who was bucking the trend too 😉

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