Oooooo…. treasure!

Hello Everyone. Hope you are well today. Its finally looking a bit brighter here after two days of solid rain. Being on the top of a hill, flooding is something we don’t have to worry about unlike other parts of the UK. Our local river got high but did not burst its banks fortunately. No more pointing has been done though so its really starting to drag on now.

I started this post on Monday and haven’t managed to get back to it until now – busy, busy, even with both boys at school! Nevermind, here we are now.

A couple of weekends ago Mr P and I were away at a family wedding and while we were there I was given some treasure. There were some very useable fabrics… some blues…

… and some browns…

… and this interesting looking tin…

Its quite big… about the size of a Quality Street tin. Quite heavy too.

Want to see inside?? Oh alright then…

YAY! BUTTONS!!!!! Not just any old buttons these, some of them are distinctly vintage and even historical. Would you like a closer look at some of my favourites??

These ones are of the historical kind. ARP stands for Air Raid Precaution, so these must have come from someones uniform in WW2. Wonder whose??

More historical ones – top right, NFS stands for National Fire Service – another wartime creation along with the ARP. Apologies for the dark picture -too many rain clouds! Top left, those are sort of black and rubbery and say South Shields Police on them. Bottom right is another brass button with a crest of a ship on it and I managed to work out from the internet that it was a merchant navy button. And the centre bottom one is most likely from a military uniform – there a small one to match it. They all make me wonder who wore them, where have they been and what have they seen?????

There were lots and lots of others of course, some wood, glass, plastic, bakelite. Here’s a quick selection of some of the best…

Those last ones are really big and scream “earrings” to me!!! Every time I look in that tin I see something I have not noticed before. Even just looking at the photo above, I want to go and have a closer look at some of them! I have become a button nutter!!!!!

Thank you Cousin H for all this lovely treasure. It will keep me busy for ages 😀

Now, what am I going to do with them all??? Suggestions welcome!


32 thoughts on “Oooooo…. treasure!

  1. Oh wow! Are you sure Cousin H didn’t mean you to pass these on to someone you randomly met on the internet? Because if she did let me know and I’ll give you my postal address 🙂 what amazing buttons! You had me at the blue fabrics, but the buttons are so good. Would your cousin know more about where they came from?

    • It was Cousin H’s mums button tin but no doubt some of it was passed from somewhere else to her mum. She didn’t know of anyone in the family with any links to the historical buttons but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anyone. My Grandad was in the navy in WW2 so it’s entirely possible that her family members were in the ARP or NFS.

  2. How wonderful! I have my Mum’s button box and also my Grandma’s – there are some amazing things in there and I love looking through it. One of Daisy’s favourite pastimes is playing with them too and I remember playing with them too when I was small.
    What to do with them? Keep them and use them on special projects, or just have a rootle through the tin every now and then to cheer yourself up.

  3. That is awesome! I’ve not seen too many historical buttons before (then again, I haven’t really collected buttons at all until recently). I think it’s neat you were able to research the navy merchant ship based on the crest. How did you approach the search for that, since it’s a button?

  4. What a great stash!! From one button lover to another I feel your joy!!! Glad you are not flooding, we are high up too thank goodness. All those poor people who aren’t! Enjoy those buttons!!! J xx

  5. Mr P should be able to give some background info on some of the merchant navy buttons, if not ask cousin D for further info when we next see you 🙂
    Glad you are enjoying all the bits and bobs.

  6. loving the comments (clever suggestions!) for donating your treasures to random internet folk 🙂

    the buttons are fab – reminds me, i found a couple of curious things in the chimney when i was dismantling one of the fireplaces. apart from joking about possible child chimney sweep fatalities, i never did any further research. must dig ’em out!

    • Ooooo yes. I’m very curious now to know what you found. We found a piece of chimney we didn’t know about behind the shower. We think it must have been the kitchen at some point. It is very interesting taking old houses apart. But I will have to be firm and stop Mr P from turning us into a case for DIY SOS!!

      • i suppose we’ll have to rein ourselves in, yeah… :/
        after the ceiling fell in, one of my friends fb-commented that he’d entered me on diy sos <– *worst nightmare* so i hope he was kidding!

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