CAL Progress

Hello Readers, how are you all??? Bit grey and damp here. Very quiet too. The builders thought it was going to be too wet today to do the re-pointing so they have not come. More sunshine please – we want this job finished. Tired of the muck coming into the house!

Well I might have been a slow starter with the CAL but I am making up for it now. Two posts in one week and eight blocks done, yay! So would you like some pictures??? Here you go…

The infamous Bobble Diamond Block – block no.4. The pattern was straightforward – once I had worked out where to put my stitches on the row after the bobble row. Like everyone else’s mine came out significantly smaller than the other blocks. So I ripped it and tried with 2 extra dcs on each side. I decided that was too big so ripped it again and did it with 1 extra dc on each side. It is still smaller and 2 would probably have been fine!! Hey ho, never mind. If I really want it in my blanket I can either re-do it later… or add an edging… or something!!! On to the next one…

Twin Stripes – block no.5. Another straightforward one. I don’t love it or hate it. Its ok.

Textured Bluebells – block no.6. Again straightforward but I really like this one. Its a pretty pattern although mine are grapebells not bluebells!!!

Corner Granny – block no.7. No problems here either, I’m on a roll at the moment! I’m not sure about this one either – we will see how it looks when its time to start joining things. I know quite a few CALers like this one though.

Popcorn Flower – block no.8. This one was a bit scary looking and one or two people seemed to be struggling with it. But I plunged in anyway and, once I had got my head around the popcorn stitch, it was very straightforward too. I was quite impressed with the results – very chunky and 3D. What I do not like about this block is the join which is halfway across the bottom side. I wondered if it was supposed to be the flowers stem, as it is visible on the photo in the book, but it just looks like a clumsy join to me. I have done blocks with joins in the middle of one side before and I don’t like them in general.

So thats where I am up to. I am looking forward to the next block – its a lacy, flowery type one – more fitting for the theme. My missing colours (blue and green) are winging their way to me as we speak, along with some saffron yellow. They might even arrive today. OOOOooooo too exciting!!

Before I go would you like to see them all laid out together?? Here you go…

Its looking far too pinky/purple for me right now. But the arrival of the missing colours will sort that out.

Ok off to my little craft hole in the sky to see if I can find the table… it has slowly got buried of the summer holidays. If I tidy it then I can use it again. Hurrah! Enjoy your Thursday folks.


17 thoughts on “CAL Progress

  1. Wow! You have been busy 🙂 Gorgeous blocks and colours. If your weather is anything like we have here today, I’m not surprised the pointing is being postponed. We are going to end up off the cliffs if it keeps blowing like this! This is the time of year when you know you need to quilt and crochet 😀

    • Thank you. Yes, it was awful yesterday and today is the same. I’m wondering if the builders are ever returning! Both me and Mr P have cracked our heads on the scaffolding and the rain is creating a big muddy puddle right outside the door. Think it’s definitely time to hibernate.

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