CAL Blocks 1, 2 and 3

Hello Blog People, how are you all today? I am having a super-efficient Monday morning so I can have a pleasant, crafty Monday afternoon. All is nice and quiet here – the builders have had tea and are mortaring (mortarising?) away happily. I have zoomed around and done tidying, hoovering, bathroom cleaning and laundry so my conscience will be clear (as well as my house!). Just popping by before chilling with my lunch to show you the progress so far.

Here we go, Block No.1…

Hmmm, had a few problems with this one. Like Rachell, mine was coming out diamond shape at first. I was sure I had done it all right but it wasn’t the right shape!!! So I resorted to counting my stitches on the decrease rows (as advised by everyone who had already completed it) and that sorted it out – phew! Took a few goes though.

Block No.2 (can’t find the hashtag key on this keyboard!)…

Another tricky one that took a few goes, and yes, there are still mistakes in it. I found it difficult because I couldn’t always see clearly where to put my hook back in!! Hey – I’m learning!! This is the “Mocha” yarn – it looks a much nicer colour in real life. Still waiting for my blue and green to arrive so we are on a limited palette at the moment.

Block No.3….

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Its a variation on the block I’m using for my other patchwork crochet blanket (more about that soon) so was straightforward.

All three together…

There is a slight variation in size but I’m not too worried about it. Funny, you can see the mistakes on Block No.2 more easily on this photo! I think I prefer working “in the round” and I also think the blocks done “in the round” which are more lacy and flower like will suit the theme better so I may include more of them in my finished blanket. The more solid, textural blocks may get used for something else or possibly frogged. This blanket is evolving slowly – not quite freeform lol!

Right, time for lunch. Speak soon Peeps. X

22 thoughts on “CAL Blocks 1, 2 and 3

  1. I think mortarising is a fab word!! Mine are being loud with a drill and kango hammer!! Love the squares (I can’t see any mistakes) and the colours are lovely. xx

  2. Love your colour choices! Like you say, the project is evolving………… I’m thinking two separate afghans at the moment!

    • I know! I’m working well towards it now… Moving onto block no.6 today. More pictures to follow shortly. And I have ordered some Saffron yellow.

    • Don’t worry. I’m not frogging anything until a lot more has been finished and I have some kind of view of what it might be like in the end! I’m leaving all my options open 😉

  3. lovely. can’t wait to see the next bunch of squares. I need to
    get braver with my crochetting and get away from my granny squares (which I mostly do sitting in the passenger seat when travelling)

    • That’s the whole point of the CAL…. Join in! I haven’t done a lot of crochet but it is both fun and challenging to try each block. Some of them take a bit of persistence to get right but I am definitely learning.

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