CAL Inspirations

Hello Everyone. How are you today?? I am tired of hearing the builders banging outside my house… mmm re-pointing… not fun… no pain no gain hey??

Now we both know that I promised to take part in Rachell’s CAL and you might have been thinking that it’s pretty quiet here, that its not been mentioned for a while. Well the cogs have been turning even if they have been in a slow gear! I was slowed a bit by my narrowboat holiday – I couldn’t really make decisions about yarns while on the boat. I did eagerly await the announcement of the winning theme on the Tuesday and my mind was whirring with ideas. You get quite a good view of everyones gardens from the canal so lots of inspiration there. And, like Rachell, I also started collecting images of beautiful gardens on Pinterest. I even got out the yarns for my current blanket to pick out some colours look, here’s the proof…

I didn’t have the 200 Blocks book with me but decided I definitely wanted to use these five colours. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK again. It has plenty of colours and is lovely and soft, nice and cheap – perfect for blankets. My only concern has been greens. I like the one above but would have liked a couple of other greens to mix in but I have really struggled to find nice greens. More about that later.

All the time I was away, I had a picture in my head of a crocheted bag which had just the kind of colours I want for my Cottage Garden blanket. I knew it was from one of my crochet books so when I got home I had a hunt for it and here it is…

This is from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nikki Trench. It sums up cottage garden to me. So I want a predominance of green with splashes of other colours. I got out the books and yarns and planned my order. I heard it had been dispatched on Friday so hoped that it would be here on Monday after I got back from my lovely weekend away at a family wedding.

It did indeed arrive and here are the colours I ordered…

Two more were out of stock (more of the lighter green and a pale blue) and will hopefully arrive soon. I immediately decided I wasn’t going to use the bottle green – its just too dark compared to all the other colours. I also decided I probably won’t use the pale, antique pink – second from the left in the top row – its a gorgeous colour, I really like it but its too close to the Grape colour (centre top) and I would like the pink to stand out more. The one called Bluebell (far right, top row) will not be used either this time – again its too close to the Lavender (bottom left). The second from the right on the bottom is actually called Mocha – and is a nice warm caramel brown colour – light wasn’t good today! I don’t normally like browns (or pinks!) but I really like that one too – I think I’m just enjoying having new colours to use. I was enjoying the names of the colours too when I was choosing – so many of them were named after plants that might be in a cottage garden – very appropriate. So these are going…

I’m sure I’ll find a use in the future for them (At last I’m building a stash!!). And these are staying…

You can see the blue and green that are out of stock here too (whats left of my original Lucy Pack). My last dilemma is which yellow should I go with??? I ordered the paler lemony one but am thinking I prefer the more golden one. Then I change my mind and think I’ll use the one I ordered. The photo does not really do them justice.

I need your help… which yellow shall I go with???


25 thoughts on “CAL Inspirations

  1. The darker yellow, in my opinion, woulld give a brighter, yet richer golden hue when combined with the other colours, which are all quite definite. I think there is a danger of the paler yellow losing its ‘yellow’ appearancce when used in smaller quantities in combination with the other selected colours. And for what it’s worth, I agree with all your other colour choices….i.e. the ones you took away v the ones you kept. 🙂

  2. Oooh, tough choice. I think I like the golden one just a bit better…it reminds me of sunshine or daffodils (for your garden tie-in 😉 Can’t wait to see the finished product! Have fun!

    • There is a yellow called daffodil too, but this one is saffron. I have ordered a shade card so that might be useful in the future!! Thank you.

    • It’s a possibility. But because all the blocks are going to be different I thought a tight colour palette would help give it unity. We need a minimum of 8 colours so I was going to stick to that. Plus if I used two yellows my ocd tendencies would be urging me to use two shades of every colour!!

    • This time I bought from Country Crafts (online). In the past I have used Deramores (also online). There is a fantastic LYS nearby but it is a Rowan shop so a bit out of my price range sadly. I like their bargain bin! And I do like to go and drool over all the beautiful yarns.

  3. Hi Patch I think you’ve made good choices of colours to ditch. Your CAL should look lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

  4. Hi,
    did you do the bag? I am trying to do it myself but the instructions in the book are not very clear to me and my squares looked nothing like the pictures. ta

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