New tool, new school!

Well hello Blog Buddies! How are you all?? Wow, so much has happened since 24th August. It has been super busy here on Planet Patch. There’s SO much to tell you.

You might have been wondering where I have been and why have I been so quiet?? Well I acquired a new tool last week and had to spend lots of time using it. Not one of my usual tools but it is one I am quite familiar with. Perhaps this photo will explain…

You see that great big lump of metal at the back that looks a bit like a mangled allen key?? Thats the one. That was my new tool for the week. Very sadly I have had to give it back now but I will no doubt see it again next year. As you might have guessed its a windlass or to give it its technical name “one o’ them windey things wot you use to operate locks on’t canal wiv”.

Yes, we spent the week on a narrowboat and had a fantastic time. Grandma and Grandad P came with us as extra deckhands (need someone to keep an eye on small boys while locks are being done). Highlight of the week was probably our trips on the Anderton Boat Lift (could write a whole post on that one). Mr P used to live on a narrowboat when I first met him and we are quite familiar with much of the canal system in the north west of England but when we were there (many years ago now) the Anderton Boat Lift was not operating. It has since been restored and can now be used to get from the Trent and Mersey Canal down to the River Weaver and back again. Rachell (she of The Little Room) informs me that if you search on You Tube you can find a video of it in action.

So many locks were done, much cake was eaten, and much red wine drunk. Most nights I was totally worn out from all the fresh air and hard work. Who ever said it was a relaxing holiday was VERY wrong… well it might be without small boys! But everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and Little J is convinced that we own it (we don’t… its a club boat and we borrow/hire it for the week). He gets very upset at the thought of someone else taking “my green boat” when we go home!!

You can see the crochet in the picture too – sadly not much was done on account of the wornoutness! I did complete a few squares. And I did eagerly await the announcement of the them for Rachell’s CAL and got all excited thinking about what yarn and what colours to use. I spent a long time looking in all the gardens we chugged (tried sailed but thats not the right word!) past and dreaming about cottage gardens. I absolutely have to share this one with you. And while its not a cottage garden I’m sure you will agree that its gorgeous. If it hasn’t been in a magazine then it should be and I’m very tempted to add it to Pinterest. How about this for a garden shed?…..

Right on the edge of the canal too. Must have a little woodburning stove inside looking at the shiny chimney and I could see the back of a comfy sofa through the window.

Well its still been all systems go since we got back, having only a couple of days to get organised before school started. Extra special this year too because Little J was starting Big School. He was so keen and excited. Not worried at all. I was the one who was nervous… no idea why but I felt like it was my first day! I have missed them both lots to over the last couple of days. I’ve still been busy but when I stop for a minute… usually at lunchtime… I wonder how they are getting on. Little J has certainly been quite worn out once he has got home and has wanted to sit on my lap and have cuddles a lot so I think he’s missing me too but he has still been eager to go the next day and has run in the door and put all his things in the right places straight away. Long may it continue. Here he is looking extremely proud on his first morning…

It is the end of an era really as he is my last one to start school. There are no more. I will be all on my own, all day, in term time forever. Sort of nice, sort of not. Going to take a while to get used to it but I am definitely viewing it on the positive side 😉

Right, still got lots to do, got a wedding to go to at the weekend and still got a few name tapes to sew in *rolls eyes*. Hope that Friday treats you well. Yay for the weekend!!!


18 thoughts on “New tool, new school!

  1. That sounds like a fantastic holiday even if it was a big tiring!! And what a cutie, little J is adorable!! Different stages seem so hard to get used to but we adapt don’t we? Have a great weekend and enjoy the wedding! J xxxx

  2. What a fabulous trip! We have talked about doing something similar when we are out in your part of the world again. Nothing quite like it here. Would love to see a few more photos!

    Speaking of which, I love first day of school photos! Thanks for sharing that 🙂

    • I need to see pictures: of the outside of the boat, both ends and the inside- in fact I need a lot of pictures! I love the canal and am fascinated by the boats.

  3. Love that shed Trish – although ‘shed’ seems an understatement! Also love your pommie slang – what I was trying to achieve in Australia: The Facts! Hahaha. Now, excuse my ignorance but what does the term ‘lock’ mean in boating? Cheers, Amy x

  4. When my last one went to school I felt really strange for a while, like I’d lost an arm or something

    It does wear off though and then the freedom is great to do the things you couldn’t do before.

    Holiday sounds great!

  5. I vote for a canal post- I’d like to see more pictures of the trip and outbuildings like the red-white and blue shed, I wish I had something as cute as that on my property!

    Welcome to the frightening/exciting world of all-kids-in-school!

  6. Little J looks very smart and am glad to hear he is enjoying himself. Daisy seems to have settled too so all is well here. The boat holiday sounds wonderful and I want one of those sheds. xx

    • We are so lucky to have little ones who settled straight away… Phew! My shed is full of spiders and the lawn mower…. Wonder where they keep theirs??

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