Sexy Hexies???

Hello Readers. How are you all?? Very busy week here. Back from visiting Grandma Patch, with lots of jobs to do before we are away again. One notable outing was into town to get Little J’s new school uniform for Big School. He’s soooo excited. He keeps asking if he can wear it now!!! He has had to show everyone who has come to the house too.

Anyway here’s the reason why I’m here tonight…. I Made it!!!! For the Made It Challenge don’t you know!!!

Now this is something I have needed for a long time. I used to use a roughly sewn up, felted bit of jumper sleeve…. it did the job but looked rather scruffy… especially when the person next to you in the waiting room gets theirs out in a beautiful leather case. Most embarrassing!!! Are you shouting “what is it”??? Oh good!

Its a….

…one of these!! 😀 No really… its a case for my iPad. Apologies for the photos. I should have taken them earlier in the day but its been non stop like the rest of the week. The original inspiration has come from somewhere on the net but I have no idea where. I just have a vague recollection of seeing some kind of little pouch  made of crochetted hexagons. Its taken a little while to make. I started about a month ago, right after the last Made It challenge and I used my Planet Penny Cotton again too. I used the Attic 24 Hexagon How To. Good Old Lucy… her patterns and tutorials always work. I joined the hexagons as I went as well, following Lucy’s instructions. The tricky bit was working out how to make it into the right shape to cover the iPad. That took a few goes and a bit of puzzling.

I really like the zigzaggy edge at the top. I lined it with some plain white cotton (badly… so don’t look too closely. Its only for my own use so it doesn’t matter) and added plain white buttons. I decided coloured buttons would just be too much with all that glorious colour in the crochet.

I’m quite pleased with it. And next time I’m in a waiting room I will no longer need to be ashamed of my iPad case. Yay! I’m off to add this to the Challenge page now. Have a great weekend everyone.

21 thoughts on “Sexy Hexies???

    • Cheers me dear. It’s possibly the dodgy lining that lead to the “quite pleased”!! It was late and I was tired and I just wanted it done.

  1. WOW Trish!!!!!! WOW, it’s stunning – you wil (are) be the envy of waiting room patrons everywhere! I love it. The colours are scrumptious and you are very clever to have worked it out so well. xxx

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