Missing ice creams and missed opportunities!

Hello All, how are you doing? Last day visiting Grandma Patch today. It was NOT looking good this morning. Heavy fog and very wet. We decided we would go swimming as a trip anywhere outdoors didn’t seem like a good idea.

So thats what we did just before lunch. Big J has been learning to swim recently. He has been having lessons at our local pool since Easter. Next year he will be going every week with school and we thought it would be a good idea if we could get him swimming before then. Didn’t want him to be the only one in the class who couldn’t swim. He has a beautiful breast stroke and has been at the “removing the armbands” stage for a few weeks now. But everytime he did he got a bit scared and started putting his feet down. SOOOOOOO close but……

We swam earlier in the week at a local leisure pool which has a slide and wave machine. He had a few  goes without the armbands after much arguing and managed about 5 full strokes in a row before putting his feet down. It was a bit hard to practice there as it was busy and we had to keep stopping for the waves.

But today it was the ordinary pool closer to Grandma’s house. It wasn’t too busy and there weren’t waves. We left Little J in the small pool with Grandma and went off for a practice in the big pool. Things all just fitted into place and he managed a total of 23 full strokes before putting his feet down. So pleased with him. Fingers crossed he can show his swimming teacher tomorrow.

After lunch the weather seemed to be brightening up so we grabbed the opportunity and jumped in the car and raced off to the beach again. This is what we did first today…

Yay! We found our ice creams! Happy boys.

No they are not both for me!! These are for me and Grandma.

Once they were eaten we got the buckets and spades and went to play and I left the camera in the car… well we had enough beach photos the other day right?

Wrong! The lifeboat was about to be launched! And I had left my camera behind…meh!

It was very interesting to watch. None of us had seen it happen before. Its an RIB type boat and is on a trailer pulled by a special tractor which takes it down a ramp and onto the beach. Then out over the sand and into the sea… quite deep into the sea. Then we watched it zoom off and round the headland and the tractor and trailer returned to the lifeboat station.

We continued with our paddling and playing and shortly the lifeboat returned. We chatted to one of the lifeboat men who was on the beach keeping people out of the way. Little J asked him “Did you rescue a man?”. (Very impressed with the confidence of that boy!). He told us that they had been called to a local harbour because someone had threatened to throw themselves in but they had not been needed and all was well.

How exciting! We continued our playing, paddling and exploring. Found several crabs and saw a lovely starfish that someone else had found. Then when we got back the boys were very pleased to find that Mr P had arrived (he’s been home working all week). What a fantastic day it has turned into after such an unpromising start.

Here’s hoping your day has been as good.


7 thoughts on “Missing ice creams and missed opportunities!

  1. What a fab and happy day you all had – the boys look like they’re enjoying their ice creams 😀
    We too have had a lovely day, lots of sun, Highland games, friend finishing her first half marathon quicker than she’d hoped and lots of show rides to go on – including bUMper cars!! 😀 😀
    I too had a yummy ice cream 😉

  2. Why does something exciting happen when you haven’t got the camera!!! So annoying : ( Not to worry at least you got your ice creams, they look delish!! Glad you have had a great holiday. Can you believe there are only 2 weeks left of the school holidays?! Have a great Sunday. J xx

  3. That picture of your lovely boys concentrating on their ice creams deserves a frame. It’s lovely to capture moments like that when they are young! Looks like you all had a great time 🙂

    • There was another picture the other day, of them both working together on their sandcastle. It was lovely because you could see the cooperation going on.

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